The Facebook Timeline Feature: Tips for Business Users

In the previous post, we listed some of the features of the new Facebook timeline for business profiles and fan pages. The timeline reorganizes the way fan pages are laid out, but it also offers some great new features and marketing advantages that didn’t exist before. If you own or manage a growing business, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the timeline feature and making the adjustment as smooth and appealing as possible for your fans and visitors. Consider these tips:

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  1. Don’t wait. Get in front of the change and follow the lead of some larger companies that have already made the switch. For inspiration, check out some of these pages. Start with Coca-Cola and Ben and Jerry’s. Just remember that quality is more important than speed. Make sure you have a clear vision in mind before you abandon the current model.
  2. Make use of visual elements. Pictures are the new words. With the rise of popular sites like Pinterest and other photo sharing resources, users are starting to embrace marketing efforts that show as well as tell. Use plenty of images, rotate them often, and choose them wisely.
  3. Events, promotions, and limited-time offers are all showcased well by the new timeline. So take advantage of this. Incorporate these time-based efforts into your overall strategy. If you don’t currently offer fun promotions or special events, now may be the time to start. With this in mind…
  4. Turn your timeline launch into a special event. Make a big deal out of the transition. Encourage your fans and visitors to join you in counting down to the day of the launch, and feel free to get enthusiastic about the transition. Why not? Consider it the first of many celebrations, milestones, and reasons for visitors to get excited about your company. After all, the new timeline and successful branding efforts are both built on a foundation of chronological storytelling. So get your story out there.

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