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Here is the thing: if you aren’t constantly making posts to your business blog, it isn’t going to do much to help your website. These days, you have to have unique and fresh content in order to be successful at SEO. The best way to achieve this, is through a history of consistent blog posts. If you are like most businesses, you will not be able to keep up with that level of content, and dedicating someone on your team can be cost prohibitive and come with its own set of challenges. Hiring professional blog writers then, is the best way to ensure success for your blog.

Why Hire Professional Blog Writers

Here are some reasons why you would want to outsource your blog writing to a professional blog writer:


Blog writing has its own style as well as special considerations that need to be implemented . A professional blog writer compromises nothing and brings years of experience writing blogs designed to engage your audience and generate leads.


If you write your blog in-house, you are having your team spend time and resources to get it produced. This takes their focus away from core tasks, which ultimately hurts your business. Having a blog writer come up with content for your business blog means that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your core work.

SEO Optimization

Blogs appeal to two different audiences. The first is the human audience; the second is search engines. A professional blog writer writes for both audiences, including the appropriate keywords and links into the content and ensuring that everything is formatted to appeal to web crawlers.

Conversion Focused Content

The goal for every blog post is to inform the reader and lead them to a point where they want to continue their relationship with your brand, be this through signing up for your newsletter, choosing to follow you on social media, or (preferably) becoming a customer. A blog post writer has experience creating content that leads naturally into a call to action, which in turn prompts the reader to take the next logical step.

SevenAtoms Blog Writers

With SevenAtoms, we have a dedicated team of experienced blog writers who are all based right here in the US. This means that you never run the risk of missing out due to a sick or overworked writer and that you will be totally satisfied with the quality of your content. We come up with premium, search engine optimized content and we do it quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our blog writers and request samples, give us a call at (925) 566-6969 or visit our contact page.

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