3 Tips for Ecommerce Retargeting Campaigns

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Retargeting CampaignsRetargeting ads are essential for bringing targeted buyers who have not yet taken action, back to your ecommerce website. By tagging site visitors and reaching them through ads after they leave, an effective retargeting campaign can help your company turn more qualified leads into buyers. In fact, a study conducted by Criteo found that visitors who experience retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert into buyers than those visitors who were not targeted.

Below are three tips for creating a successful ecommerce retargeting campaign for your website:

Use custom segmentation

If you want your retargeting campaign to be successful, you cannot present the same retargeted ad to all visitors. You should deliver unique ads that speak to different types of prospects by creating ads based on the type of product they are interested in. Better yet, you can setup a dynamic retargeting campaign to only show ads for the specific products that the prospect has seen on your website before. You can create a dynamic campaign on Google AdWords by setting up automated feeds. However, this can sometimes be tricky especially if you have a very high number of products or product options in your catalog.

Reach your audience on social media

In addition to tracking visitors on the Google Display Network, you should also utilize social media channels as a way to target customers. Facebook’s new Dynamic Ads help Ecommerce companies re-engage with website visitors after they have left the product page. These ads are fairly simple to create, and marketing specialists at companies such as Target and Shutterfly have found that Facebook Dynamic Ads have significantly increased their click-through and conversion rates. Twitter also allows you to use attention-grabbing ads to target buyers after they have left your website.

Test your retargeting ads

In order to create a retargeting campaign that turns visitors into buyers, you will need to constantly look for ways to improve your ads. This goes beyond just testing different headlines, images, copy, and call-to-actions. You should also test different offers and discounts, adjust how long you want to retarget prospects after their initial visit, and change how often ads should be shown to each visitor on a daily or weekly basis. This will enable you to find out what factors and ads are most successful in converting prospects into buyers. The information that you gather from this testing will also help you improve landing pages and other areas of your website.

Retargeting campaigns not only offer Ecommerce companies the opportunity to bring leads back and convert them, but they are also great for exposing new product lines, highlighting similar products, and building brand recognition. These tips will help your company create a more effective ecommerce retargeting campaign that increases the number of satisfied customers.


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Andy Beohar

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