3 Ways to Use HubSpot to Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

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hubspot-cosAre you using HubSpot to generate more leads but find yourself unable to determine which are higher quality and thus deserve more attention from your sales team? HubSpot has a plethora of lead generation tools you can use to determine who your sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are, nurture marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) into SQLs, and attract higher quality leads from the get-go.

Below, we’ve listed three ways you can use HubSpot to increase the quality of your leads through attracting and generating more SQLs.

Create PPC Campaigns Through the HubSpot Ads Add-On

Paid campaigns are a great way to get your company in front of more qualified viewers, especially those on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s sponsored content allows you to target people based on their professional information, meaning your content will be seen by higher quality leads based on your definition, such as company decision makers or companies with 100+ employees.

You can create LinkedIn sponsored content to attract more SQLs straight from the HubSpot Ads Add-On. With the add-on, users can create, publish, and analyze ads directly from HubSpot, and have the benefit of access to the platform’s in-tool suggestions, which provide tips on how you should narrow your audience and what your budget might be based on industry best practices and data pulled from your portal.

Below, we’ve listed some best practices to keep in mind when creating PPC ads to target more SQLs:

  • Target “bottom of the funnel” keywords in your campaign, such as anything that uses the terms pricing or services
  • Use ad targeting and geo-location to help narrow down your audience to SQLs
  • Set up segmented remarketing campaigns based on web behaviors to reach those who have looked through your SQL-targeted webpages

Adjust Your SEO Strategy with the Keywords Tool

To attract more SQLs, you might also want to consider adjusting your SEO strategy, which comes down to reassessing the keywords you’re targeting. The HubSpot Keywords Tool helps you manage and assess your targeted keywords, and optimizes your strategy by showing you helpful keyword variations and opportunities to rank, all on your dashboard. The Keywords Tool is also integrated into other HubSpot features, such as the blogging and website tools, keeping all of your digital assets optimized for search.

Use these tips to better attract SQLs using the HubSpot Keywords Tool:

  • Target long-tail keywords (longer words or phrases that are more specific to your company or industry) for better rank and more qualified traffic
  • Target “bottom of the funnel” keywords (such as those you’d use in your PPC campaign mentioned above)
  • Use HubSpot’s “competitive research” function to see how your competition is ranking for your targeted keywords

Use HubSpot Lead Scoring and Workflows to Nurture Leads

Is your company generating a bunch of MQLs that you want to convert into SQLs? Lead nurturing email campaigns are a great way to guide MQLs down the funnel to becoming customers by providing them with resources that will make them more informed buyers—and with HubSpot’s lead scoring and Workflows tools, you can automate this process for maximum efficiency.

Using HubSpot lead scoring, you can assign a value to a lead based on how likely they are to become a customer, which will help you and your sales team determine which leads to prioritize. When a lead hits a certain score, it can trigger a workflow that you’ve set up that will send a series of emails with the goal of nurturing the lead into a customer.

HubSpot Workflows allows you to segment your leads into different workflows, create the series of emails for each in advance, and then automates the process for you. In a workflow, each email should contain content that will guide your MQL closer to purchase, so consider what might be keeping them from being sales-ready, such as:

  • Is your MQL an influencer, not a decision maker? Provide them with information they can present to their higher ups, such as case studies.
  • Is your MQL not comfortable enough with your brand? Add elements of social proof to your emails and include customer testimonials.

Studies show that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more SQLs at a 33% lower cost, so use HubSpot’s tools to optimize your own email campaigns.

Using these HubSpot lead generation tools, you can better prioritize your current leads and see an increase in SQLs moving forward.


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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar is VP of SevenAtoms, a Google and HubSpot certified agency in San Francisco. Andy develops and manages ROI-positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B & Tech companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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