4 Landing Page Design Strategies You Should Test Today

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landing page designMany things in the business world revolve around the principle of sticking to what’s been tested and proven to work. But this is not always the case with marketing. Testing different marketing tactics is the only way that companies can continue to improve their reach. This is especially true for landing pages and web pages. Though many landing page design strategies have been proven to work for others, this does not necessarily mean that they will work best for all companies.

The only way to find out which unique landing page design features will help you improve conversion rates is to test the strategies for yourself. Here are 4 landing page design strategies that you should test today:

Encourage interaction
Your landing page doesn’t have to be static. Though a minimalistic design may work for a lot of companies, testing a more interactive landing page design might be to your benefit. If you have a product that is customizable, encouraging more interaction from customers might be the way to improve conversion rates. You can ask your visitor a question or even create a little game that builds interest in your product or service.

Vary the number of fields in your form
If you have a form on your landing page, adjust the number of fields in the form and the number of fields that are required to see how that affects conversions. Shorter forms will inevitably generate more leads, but longer forms may result in fewer but higher quality leads. This is because visitors who are lower down the funnel would already have done their research and have a good understanding of what features and solutions they are looking for.

Let customers find their own funnel
Conventional wisdom says that your landing page should not provide visitors with too many choices as this might overwhelm them. However, some companies cater to a variety of customers in different stages of the sales funnel. If this is the case with your business, test different strategies for helping customers find their funnel in the easiest and most convenient way possible. This will make the user experience more pleasant and help avoid confusion.

Try utilizing video
Video has been proven to increase conversion rates. According to KISSmetrics, visitors are anywhere between 64 – 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. You have many options when using videos as part of your landing page design. The video can serve as an attention-grabber, automatically starting when the page loads, or you might include a video that offers an explanation of the product or service with a CTA at the end. Test different videos to see what works best for you brand.


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Andy Beohar

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