4 Ways to Optimize HubSpot Landing Pages

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<img decoding=” width=”358″ height=”353″>Landing pages are essential to a successful lead generation program. While HubSpot makes it easy to create new landing pages, optimizing these pages for conversions can be tricky. If you’re a HubSpot customer, follow these design tips to create fully optimized landing pages.

Main Headline and Subheadlines

Your headlines and sub headlines are the most important elements of your landing pages. To craft effective headlines and subheadlines, you need to first ask if the information that they communicate is useful to the reader. If you aren’t offering them anything of value, then they will simply leave. It’s also important that your headlines and subheadlines show how you are different from the competition and create a sense of urgency in the reader. Finally, they should be as specific as possible so that the prospect fully understands what you are offering and how it helps them.

Pay Close Attention to the Length of the Form

When it comes to forms, every little detail counts. For example, one company found that by simply removing a single field from a form they were able to increase conversions by nearly 20 percent.

When choosing a form’s length, consider where your customers are in the buying cycle. If you only need a name and email address to guide customers to the next stage of the sales funnel, then use a form that collects just that information.

Make sure to scale the length of the form based on the value of the offer. If you are providing a great deal of value, then prospects will be comfortable sharing more information with you. If you are only providing a little value, then just ask for a name and an email address.

Button text also matters. Changing button text to convey a sense of urgency boosts conversion rates. Words such as “Now” and “Today,” as in “Download Now” and “Start Today” typically get better results.

Be Mindful of How Much Content You Have on a Page

People tend to scan digital content, foraging for the information they need rather than reading through large chunks of text. Use that to your advantage by keeping text short and to the point. Highlight essential information in bulleted lists and incorporate enough white space to keep the page from looking cluttered or busy. Choose a font size and color that is easy to read and is consistent with your overall landing page scheme.

Remember, visitors arrive on your landing page for a reason. Make sure the information they are looking for is presented right up front and in a clear and succinct way. Communicate the value of your offer, how it addresses a need or desire, and what they’ll get when they complete the form.

A/B Test Everything

It’s easy to test elements of your HubSpot landing pages, which is something that should happen on a continual basis. Don’t limit yourself to just testing calls to action or headlines. Test everything:

  • Button text, size, and placement
  • Subheadlines and Benefits
  • Form Length
  • Images and videos
  • Colors
  • Text content size

You should design two or three different landing pages and test them against one another. Remember to test only one element at a time and run your A/B tests for at least a week  to get accurate results. Make sure you test simultaneously; trying one version in January and the other in February, for example, muddies the results. You can also test variables other than design elements on the landing page itself. Try experimenting with different target audiences or email-to-landing page combinations.

Test as far down the sales funnel as possible, not just for conversion rates. Look at sales figures. One landing page may generate fewer conversions but higher sales from those who do convert.

It’s easy to create HubSpot landing pages for your marketing campaigns; these four tips and best practices will make sure they deliver results.


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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar is VP of SevenAtoms, a Google and HubSpot certified agency in San Francisco. Andy develops and manages ROI-positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B & Tech companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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