5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook and Twitter Native Video to Connect With Followers

December 7, 2015 Andy Beohar

twitter-native-video, facebook-native-videoFor marketers, finding innovative ways to reach and engage your audience is critical to success. High audience engagement with your content can boost social shares, extending your reach and driving brand awareness across new networks—which is why many marketers are incorporating native video into their content strategies.

Native video content is hugely engaging across social media sites. Facebook native video, for example, receives more than double the interactions that YouTube or other videos do. Twitter native video is similarly popular among users—native video consists of only about one-third of total videos, but two-thirds of total video engagements.

If you’re looking to use Facebook and Twitter native video content to provide a fun and engaging media experience for your audience, here are some creative ideas you can try:

1. Tease Lengthier Content

Native video posts aren’t the place for long-form content, but can be used to tease snippets of and drive traffic to more premium video content. Grab an enticing trailer’s worth of snippets to share—by only giving your audience only a tiny morsel of content you’ll pique their interest further.

2. Provide Customer Testimonials

People trust other customers more than they do brands, and many turn to customer testimonials as a way to assess the credibility of a brand. Use this to your advantage by creating customer testimonial native video content that you can share across Facebook and Twitter. These testimonial videos can also be repurposed and placed across your website and landing pages to entice conversions.

3. Respond to Questions

Do your customers often reach out to you with questions and concerns about your products and services? Why not turn your responses to these FAQs into a short native video series? Your audience will appreciate this engaging response to their queries much more than they would a blog post or social update.

4. Give Industry Updates

Ideally, you want your audience to view you as an industry expert as a result of your content marketing. Providing video updates on the latest industry news is a great way to promote your authority and educate your audience in a fun and interactive way.

5. Share Tips and How-To’s

Keep in mind that the key to your content marketing strategy is delivering some sort of value to your audience. If your followers don’t take anything away from your videos, they’re not going to engage with them or convert as a result. Try distributing short tip or how-to videos to help followers make the most out of your product, software, or service, or learn something new.

How do you use native, short-form videos to drive engagement and brand awareness across Facebook and Twitter? Make sure to leave your tips below!

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