5 HubSpot COS Ninja Tips for Mastering Website Redesign

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HubSpot COS is the ideal platform for website redesign because it allows you to deliver a personalized web experience for your visitors on any device. This platform is mobile-friendly, integrates with all of your marketing channels, and was developed with the contemporary rules of SEO in mind.

That being said, there are some things you should keep in mind when redesigning your company website with the HubSpot COS to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Use the HubSpot Persona Tool to align with buyer personas.

Hubspot Persona Tool

The first step to website redesign is developing well-defined personas that help you make informed project decisions to reach your ultimate goals. Aligning the content on your site with these buyer personas is vital to success. During the redesign process, you can upload these personas to HubSpot’s Persona tool, which uses the identifiers on contact forms. This will also help you visualize which content aligns with which personas.

Utilize smart content and smart CTA’s.

Smart CTA hubspot

The HubSpot COS offers smart content and smart CTAs, which help you personalize your website by showing particular content or call-to-actions based on the unique visitor. This feature not only helps you improve relevancy and increase conversions, but also consolidates precious website space.

Increase efficiency by creating global groups.

Global groups hubspot

When creating templates on the HubSpot COS, you may often find yourself reusing modules on multiple pages. To save time, you can create global groups by combining the modules and saving them as a group so that they can then be placed onto a new page. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it helps to ensure that your pages are uniform.

Set up blog authors ahead of time.

Creating a list of blog authors in the COS blog helps you create a more dynamic experience for your visitors. You can provide an image, bio, and links to social media accounts with each author, which makes the reading experience more interactive and engaging. By setting up blog authors during the redesign process, you will be ready to start publishing content once the site is launched.

Double-check your pages for mobile optimization.

Mobile Optimization hubspot

One of the greatest perks of the HubSpot COS is that it is mobile responsive. Though the COS has a great mobile setup, it is still important to check custom designed pages to ensure that they appear correctly. During the redesign process, you can preview layouts and pages ahead of time to see how images and text boxes appear on multiple devices.

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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

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