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In response to the growing number of people accessing the web from their mobile devices, Google updated its mobile search algorithm on April 21 to favor sites that are mobile-friendly. If you have seen a recent decline in your mobile web traffic, this could be due to your site’s design. The New Google Algorithm places websites without a responsive design further back in the search rankings.

If this Google algorithm change has got you worried, you’re not alone. According to the Sumall, 61% of total web traffic comes from mobile, yet 67% of Fortune 100 companies are not mobile friendly. Though a complete site redesign can be costly, there are ways to make your website more mobile-friendly in response to the New Google Algorithm:

Free Hubspot Website Migration

HubSpot offers a lot of great marketing tools for businesses that want to take their inbound marketing to the next level. Hubspot Responsive websites are just one of the many benefits of using this software, and website migration is free for sites that are 60 pages or less. When you migrate your website to HubSpot’s website CMS, your site becomes mobile-friendly as Hubspot Responsive websites meet the requirements of the New Google Algorithm.

Hubspot fees vary depending on what features you would like to utilize. The CMS Basic costs about $250 per month, whereas a license that allows you to utilize more of Hubspot’s marketing tools can start at about $1,000 per month.

Hubspot Mobile Responsive Website Themes

If you cannot afford a custom design for your website, you may want to take advantage of the 5 free, mobile-friendly website themes that HubSpot offers to new customers. These attractive designs give companies an assortment of options for creating HubSpot Responsive websites that comply with Google’s new mobile algorithm change.

WordPress Mobile Responsive Themes

If you are not a Hubspot customer, you can still get a mobile-friendly website design through one of many WordPress mobile responsive themes. Much like HubSpot’s theme options, these WordPress themes are attractive and customizable to fit your unique needs. The costs vary depending on the theme, with some free options and most themes ranging from about $59.95 to $199.95.

Making the move to mobile-friendly web design will not only help your SEO, but also offer mobile users a more enjoyable experience when they are browsing your website. No matter which route you choose to take to make your website more friendly for mobile users, one thing is for certain, if your company does not adapt to the New Google Algorithm you may see a decline in mobile web traffic and new leads.

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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar is VP of SevenAtoms, a Google and HubSpot certified agency in San Francisco. Andy develops and manages ROI-positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B & Tech companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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