Get Ahead of the Pack: 3 Ways to Inspire Your B2B Content Marketing Plan

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content-marketing-hacksWhen it comes to B2B marketing, having a well-developed content strategy will help you extend your reach and position your brand as an industry authority. However, with many other marketers also focusing on content as part of their present and future strategies, you’ll want to keep optimizing your B2B content marketing plan to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and on top of industry trends .

If you want your content to stand out, it’s time to get creative. Here, we share three ways to inspire your B2B content marketing plan to put your business on top this year.

3 Ways to Inspire Your B2B Content Marketing Plan

1. Turn Text Content into Visual Content

Want to get 94% more views of your content? Add images. It can’t be said enough that incorporating plenty of visuals into your B2B content marketing plan is a must. One excellent way to compile all of your vital information into a pleasing visual format is by using infographics.

2. Develop Videos to Share on Social Media

Social media should be a key component of your B2B content marketing plan. As Paul Barron (@paulbarron) advises, I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.” (Source: Kissmetrics). For B2B marketers, LinkedIn continues to be the platform of choice, with 44% saying they’ve generated leads through the network.

Re-inspire your content marketing across social media by sharing videos, which are highly engaging to audiences and can generate up to 300% more traffic back to your content. Develop fun tutorials or product videos that will appeal to your target audience and entice them to watch through to the end.

3. Create Benchmarks for Your B2B Content Marketing Plan

You can’t know how your content is performing without measuring it, but first you need to define what success means for you. Look at competitors to get a feel for what their performance is, whether for social shares or number of readers, and set up your own benchmarks. Venngage, for example, looked at how the top marketing companies stacked up against each other in terms of their content marketing success, and then compared it to their own. Then, upon understanding what success looks like within their industry, Venngage was able to develop a new strategy that promoted actionable content to help boost their ranking.


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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar is VP of SevenAtoms, a Google and HubSpot certified agency in San Francisco. Andy develops and manages ROI-positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B & Tech companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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