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mobile-conversationIn May of 2015, Google announced that searches made on mobile devices have officially surpassed searches made on desktop computers. Unfortunately, mobile search conversion rates are not following suit. According to Search Engine Journal, average desktop conversion rates are still well above the conversion rates for mobile searches. To address this issue, Google has rolled out several new developments designed to improve the experience of mobile users. With these innovations, users will be able to:

Convert directly from the search engine results page.

Google is currently testing a “buy button” that will allow users to convert directly from the SERPs quickly and easily. This removes some of the barriers that often prevent mobile users from converting.

View paid advertisements more relevant to their search.

Google has also made some significant changes to the operation of dynamic search ads. In the past, these ads worked by simply plugging a user’s search terms into headlines advertisers had created. However, this didn’t always produce an effective or even logical result.

With Google’s new technology, the role of keywords and keyword phrases will be diminished. Instead, specific parts of your website will be matched to users’ search queries based on the content they contain. This provides a more relevant result for users and better conversion rates for you.

Compare products directly from the SERPs.

Google is also rolling out new features that will allow users to compare products and services directly from the SERPs. This will save users time and frustration, allowing them to make choices quickly and efficiently.

Enjoy more visual interaction on mobile.

One of the most highly-anticipated new features Google will be adding to its arsenal is carousel ads. A carousel ad is a series of images that users will be able to scroll through right on the SERP. Rather than first navigating to another site and searching for images of a different product or services, they will be able to see everything they need on Google’s results page.

All of these new developments are sure to change the way users shop online. If you take advantage of these tools, they can also increase your conversions dramatically. Although these features have not yet been released, the time to prepare your marketing campaigns is now. Get ready for Google’s new functions and watch your conversion rate climb when they do take effect.

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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

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