Committing to Blog Promotion? Here Are Some SEO Best Practices to Follow

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blog promotionI think that for outsiders the term SEO brings up this notion of tweaking your site and coming up with content in order to “trick” search engines into finding your site. For those of us in the online marketing field, it really isn’t about tricking anyone. Instead, it’s about creating a solid structure for your site and its content that more clearly communicates who and what you are. Search engines like Google strive to get you the best content possible, but if the best website for your needs doesn’t clearly communicate how it is the best, then you probably won’t find it. Search engines can only do so much – the rest is up to you and how well your site is optimized. This is why blogs have become so popular, because they are a great tool in improving a websites SEO.

For those who are looking to incorporate blog promotion into their overall SEO strategy, there are some things to consider…

  • Keyword Density. Once upon a time, black hat marketers could simply load up a blog article with the keywords they were targeting and be practically guaranteed to be on the front page of a search. Fortunately as search engines have become more sophisticated, this is no longer the case. Now search engines look at how often a particular keyword is used in comparison to how much content there is. This is keyword density. Maintaining a good keyword density is great way to boost a blog articles impact on SEO.
  • Hyperlinks. Just like with keywords, you don’t want to overload your blog article with hyperlinks. It doesn’t help you in the slightest and it looks terrible to the reader. That being said, putting in a few hyperlinks to other content on your site does help with SEO. Put them in as close to the beginning of the article as possible.
  • Content Structure. Believe it or not, search engines are concerned with the “readability” of content, not just whether there is a match in terms of subject matter. Too much uninterrupted text tells Google that finding the information that a searcher is looking for within the article will be a huge challenge, and therefore downgrade the articles importance. Most people who are searching the internet for information are just browsing, and as a result search engines factor in how easy it is to find information within an article.

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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

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