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seo strategy, local seoToday if someone is looking for a particular type of product or service, they are far more likely to turn to the internet rather than open up a phone book. A quick search on the web offers more updated information as well as more information overall. As a result, search engines have become the biggest way in which people discover local businesses. Because of this, if you are reevaluating your current business SEO strategy (which at this time of year, you should be) then you should start by focusing on local search.

What is Local Search?

In case you don’t know what it is, local search means any search that targets a specific location. For example, if you are going to be in New York City in a week and want to look for a good place to grab a pizza, you wouldn’t just type in “pizza restaurant,” you would type in “New York City pizza” or “NYC pizza.” Local search is how people find a specific type of business in a specific area.

Why You Need to Focus On Local Search

Only a small portion of all web searchers actually click beyond the first page of a search. In fact, they rarely go beyond the top 10 hits, which means if you are stuck on page two or three (or worse) for a particular search, you are less likely to have them find your site. Now most local searches are made with the intent of getting in, finding what you need, and getting out as soon as possible. If someone is searching for a restaurant, chances are that they are already hungry and therefore wouldn’t want to waste any time. If someone needs a plumber or exterminator, then they will similarly not want to waste any time in finding one. The advantage of this is that those who are performing the local search are highly motivated and therefore much more likely to buy. It is therefore imperative that your business SEO strategy works to get you into that top ten for common local searches.

It takes a lot to be successful with local search. You have to know not only what keywords people are using to find your business, but what the competition is like for those keywords. Should you need help with this, then you can always consult us here are SevenAtoms. We can help develop your business SEO strategy and improve your results with local search. We can be reached at (925) 566-6969 or by visiting our contact page.


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Andy Beohar

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