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Facebook Marketing StrategyThere are a number of unique challenges that come with using Facebook as a marketing tool. Facebook brings businesses much closer to their customers than they may be used to. This can make it hard when it comes to what type of content you should put on your page. The benefits of Facebook, being inexpensive and effective, make it a force that cannot be ignored, however. Having a Facebook Marketing Strategy is imperative to your business’ social media success. A strong strategy will outline what types of Facebook content you need and when you should post it. Here we will outline how to go about creating a strategy, as well as content, for your Facebook page.

Begin With the Basics

Before you get started with your Facebook marketing strategy make sure you have done your research by looking into the metrics of your Facebook page. Not only will this help you determine what types of content your business should post but will also tell you when your followers are online and therefore when you should post your content. From there set up a schedule of when posts will be made. Make sure to have a target audience as well and that your content is written with them in mind.

Generate Strong Content

It is important to make sure that your business is switching between different types of media when it posts on Facebook. For example, alternate between video, picture and text posts. This keeps the content fresh and therefore less likely to be ignored. When it comes to text posts, stay away from anything that is overtly selling to your customer. You can talk about how excited you are about a product you are releasing, but don’t explicitly say “you should buy this product!”

Engage Your Followers

Never forget that your companies Facebook page is a conversation with your customers. That means that you should be responding to comments and “liking” what your followers are saying (if it’s positive). You don’t have to respond to everything said, but you should respond often and promptly to comments on your Facebook page. Also, start conversations by asking your customers questions that other followers can respond to.

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Andy Beohar

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