How to Make a Newsletter that Converts Prospects into Customers

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how to make a newsletter, newsletter campaign, newsletter contentWe all know how difficult it can be for your business to gain any traction with its newsletter. It takes just few seconds for a potential customer to glance over it, pass judgment, and delete the email. For most people this is a completely automatic process that is performed every day. You know your newsletter has a lot of potential but aren’t sure how to take it to the next step. It’s important to know that it can be a great way to bring in new clients and strengthen your relationship with existing ones. Here are a few tips on how to make a newsletter more effective.

Tips for Your Newsletter Content:

Value is the key to a great newsletter and that means having informative content. If your customer doesn’t learn something interesting, why bother?

Your newsletter should be clean and easy to scan through. If the potential client just sees blocks of text, they will not bother to read your newsletter.

A compelling subject line makes all the difference. Instead of “This Weeks Newsletter,” go with a more informative and interesting subject heading.

You don’t need a lot of content. Don’t feel like you need to put five different articles into the body of the newsletter. You can, but you may also find that one strong article with perhaps a few links to other articles at the bottom of the newsletter can be just as effective.

Asking your readers for content ideas is a great way to get them involved. Not only does it help create content ideas but it also deepens your relationship with your readers.

Tips for Your Newsletter Campaign:

Track your newsletters success. While you can use a newsletter service to track this information for you it is possible to do it yourself. Make sure to have goals and monitor the response to each newsletter.

Have a point person to deal with responses. Timely responses to queries isn’t just great customer service, it deepens the relationship with the client.

Don’t send your newsletter to everyone. While your first instinct may be to have as many readers as possible, chances are most of those people won’t read it. Start with customers who already have a relationship with your business and go from there.

We have more information about how to make a newsletter should you need it. Would you like SevenAtoms to produce your business’ newsletter? Call us at (925) 566-6969.


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Andy Beohar

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