How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Using SEO

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social media marketing, social media optimizationMore small businesses have joined the social media marketing game—and Facebook has noticed. Today, this social media giant—once associated with personal content—has blurred the lines between “social” and “search.” Popular search engines like Google and Bing now consider Facebook content in their SEO rankings.

To build your brand and your community, it’s critical that your business’ Facebook page ranks well. Social media optimization means that your business gains more exposure and a wider audience. Implement these simple SEO tactics on your business’ Facebook page to enhance your brand:

  1. Link Building
    Traditional SEO relies on keyword-driven (but never stuffed!) content. Because numerous businesses use the same keywords as their competitors, Google considers the number of outside links that point to the page—this determines the page’s importance and, in turn, ranking.

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    These same principles apply to your Facebook business page as well. High-quality content rich with the most relevant and searched terms—alongside meaningful links to your Facebook page—increase your page’s rankings.

  2. Create an SEO-Friendly Facebook Page
    Give your Facebook page an SEO-friendly name. Names that are too specific or too long generate less “Likes.”

    SEO friendly facebook page design

    Typically, the name of your business is the best option—this is how people search for your brand.

  3. Likes = Links
    When a user clicks “Like” on your Facebook business page, a link to your brand appears on your fan’s profile.

    facebook likes, impact of facebook likes

    Most Facebook pages are “public,” allowing Google to see these links—thus moving your page up in search rankings.

  4. Generate Interesting Content
    Ultimately, unique, relatable, and interesting Facebook content generates more “Like” clicks. In social media marketing, the more fun and engaging, the better!

    engage on facebook, engage with fans

    Interface with your audience through special offers and deals, coupons, or discussion boards.

In social media optimization, great content coupled with thriving social networks fosters long-term business success. For some business owners, trusting professional social media marketing companies—like SevenAtoms—yields higher and lasting SEO results.

Do you have more tips to optimize a Facebook business page? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

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