Why (and When) to Consider Remarketing as a Viable Strategy

Remarketing strategyEveryone who shops online these days probably has at least some idea of what remarketing is. Many major e-commerce sites have been using it for a while to help drive sales, but smaller online brands have been adopting it to help bring in new business. We sometimes get prospects who ask whether remarketing would be a good option for them, so I decided it would be a good idea to shed some light on when (and why) a business should consider remarketing.

Remarketing = Conversion Marketing

One of the reasons why remarketing has become so popular is because it addresses a problem that has been plaguing online marketing for awhile: reaching those in the late stages of the buying cycle. Most of the other types of online marketing methods focus on generating awareness or teaching prospects about a product/service. There aren’t a whole lot of marketing channels that really address late stage prospects who already have a vested interest in an item and just need a little extra push. Remarketing fills this niche and because of this it is considered to be a conversion centric type of online advertising.

When Should You Consider Remarketing…

There are more than a few situations in which remarketing can be especially helpful. Here are just a few of them:

  • When your business is struggling with abandoned shopping carts or unfinished signup pages. You had someone who was basically ready to buy/signup and all of a sudden they either decided that weren’t quite ready or life somehow intervened (perhaps in the form of a crying child or a zombie apocalypse) and they ended up not taking that final step. Remarketing is can target these people and remind them to come back and finish their transaction.
  • When prospects do research long before they may actually need to make a purchase. A good example of this would be if you are moving company and your prospects tend to do research well in advance of when they would actually hire you. If they are researching weeks before they would be interested in hiring you and you want them to remember your business when they do, then you can set up ads to periodically remind them to reach out to you when they are ready.
  • When you have plenty of web traffic but not the conversions to show for it. If you find that you are getting plenty of traffic to your site, either organic or paid, but not really reaping the benefits of it, then remarketing can be a good solution to help turn things around. People are coming to your site because you are offering something interesting and a well optimized remarketing ad can remind those people of what that is.

When you want to make the most of your PPC campaign. Remarketing is great when you really want to see the best return on investment (ROI) from your PPC efforts. Regular PPC ads are great to drive traffic and increase awareness but most of the time you will not close a prospect the first time they visit your site. Remarketing keeps your brand in their thoughts, so that when they are ready to make a purchase they do come to you.

Different Businesses, Different Remarketing Needs

One of the key things to remember about remarketing is that every business will need some different approach to it. What offerings get remarketed, how often the ads pop up, who they pop up for, and where all of this fits into the rest of your marketing strategy are all important factors that will vary from brand to brand.

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