Importance of a Social Media Strategy While Launching a New Business

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social media strategyThere is naturally a great many things that need to be considered when an entrepreneur starts a new business. Whether it is a traditional brick-and-mortar or an online business, a new company needs to get the word out. The challenge is that it usually starts with little to no advertising budget, making it hard for these businesses to get the business that they need to grow. Perhaps the greatest tool for a business in this situation is a solid social media strategy.

Community Building

While social media may seem like just a fun little add-on to a marketing your new business, it actually can be your biggest driver of new customers. Established brands have their own loyal customers, while new ones need to work on building customer base. Social media is all about community building and with a solid social media strategy in place a new business can establish itself, build a following, and then have the tools to keep that community up to date.

The Great Equalizer

What makes social media so appealing to new businesses is the price tag. It also costs next to nothing, which means that no matter how small the business is they can utilize social media. Considering that there is really no limits to the reach of social media, this makes is an extremely powerful tool for businesses that are just starting out and want to carve their own piece of a market.

Social Media Advice for New Businesses

Make sure that you social media strategy focusses on the right form of social media channel for your business. Facebook is a given with just about any company, but if your new business is B2B then focus on LinkedIn. Business-to-Customers, especially those with a young target demographic, should go with Twitter.  Also, make sure to start your social media marketing well before the actual opening day/start day of your business. That way you can work to establish an interest in your brand before you are even able to sell anything.

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Andy Beohar

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