Inbound Marketing: Beneficial for your B2B Business

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inbound marketingIf inbound marketing was a person, it would be married to B2B businesses. Inbound marketing strategies have proven very effective for B2B businesses. Businesses looking to connect with other businesses have a great choice of marketing strategies to choose from. By creating customer-focused content, or connecting with others through a social network, businesses are able to generate more traffic to their sites. Inbound marketing strategies most successful for businesses include:

Blogging: By creating relevant, and dynamic content on a consistent basis, not only is user-focused content being produced, but businesses are also able to improve rankings in search engine results by focusing on keywords. Blogging isn’t only a chance to connect with visitors, but also work on search engine optimization with the unique content that is being produced.

Whitepapers: Whitepapers are also becoming a common form of inbound marketing for some businesses. By presenting some research, zoning in on a particular issue, or arguing for a specific method for a business problem, a larger foundation is created for site visitors to engage with this content, and present their ideas with you as a form of interaction.

Newsletters: Weekly, or monthly newsletters can be an effective form of inbound marketing when reaching out to customers who can relate to what you’re offering. Making sure the content is compelling and relevant to the receiver can result in more interaction with your target audience.

Social Media: Social media networks provide a huge foundation for marketing to other businesses. LinkedIn is an effective platform for B2B businesses, and creates awareness about what other businesses exist in a particular industry. If businesses want to connect with other businesses, LinkedIn provides a medium through which businesses can network with each other and communicate via social media.

There are many ways to market your business online using a variety of different strategies. What are some other inbound marketing strategies your business uses to connect with other businesses? Share in the comments box below.


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Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar is VP of SevenAtoms, a Google and HubSpot certified agency in San Francisco. Andy develops and manages ROI-positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B & Tech companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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