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Valentine’s Day! It’s that special day of the year where we express our most tender affection for those who make us feel cherished and cared for all year round. We all love this magical day! Unless, of course, we don’t.

We’ve all encountered that less-than-ideal, unappreciative boyfriend who leaves us standing alone on the most romantic day of the year, candyless, flowerless, and thoroughly annoyed. Or, at the very least, unaware of how much he appreciates our charms and the little daily niceties we offer that make his life sweeter.

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If there’s one annual lesson we learn again and again on February 14th, it’s that relationships grow stronger with when they’re seasoned with a little bit of affection and acknowledgement. And this applies to both the romantic kind and the client kind. So this year, why not send a little mash note to your client sweethearts in the form of a Valentine’s
themed newsletter

1. Open your Valentine’s Day newsletter with a catchy title. And don’t be stingy with the sugar. This day appeals to our collective sweet tooth, and even the stuffiest clients develop a higher tolerance for sentiment and silliness if the tone is right.

2. Share company news, industry news, funny stories, testimonials and other information with a special valentine’s flair. Include a call to action, and make sure your clients have contact information so they know how to reach out to you.

3. Thank your clients for all they’ve done to support you, and let them know you appreciate everything they continue to do.

4. Don’t forget the best part: The gift. Offer treats, discounts, deals or special offers in honor of this sentimental day.

Keep both your gifts and the tone of your newsletter on the fun side. It’s the little things that matter most, in business as in romance. Stay light, be sweet, and take advantage of this simple opportunity to keep the sparkle in your relationship alive.


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Andy Beohar

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