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LinkedIn Content StrategySavvy marketers include LinkedIn in their social marketing strategy for good reason: As of February 2015, the platform boasted 347 million users in over 200 countries and attracted two new members every second. But many businesses aren’t sure how to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on this important social channel. Fortunately, LinkedIn has a powerful analytics tool that can help you evaluate how well your Company page is performing and identify ways to improve the return on your campaign investment.

LinkedIn’s company page analytics tool is broken down into three main sections: Updates, Visitors, and Followers. Studying all three areas each month provides insight into your lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement efforts. Here are some tips on how to interpret your LinkedIn metrics and use them to shape your LinkedIn content strategy.

Determine Who Your Followers Are

The LinkedIn “Followers” statistics give you three useful pieces of information: The number of followers you have, how you got them (organic versus acquired), and a detailed demographic breakdown of who your followers are. While the overall number of followers is an important marker in determining the breadth of your reach, it’s the demographic breakdown that tells you if you’re reaching your target audience or not.

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

The Demographics menu lets you sort your followers by variables including seniority, company size, and industry, for example. Why does this matter? Imagine your buyer persona is a C-level executive with decision-making authority in a Fortune 500 company. Cross-referencing your followers to identify the number who fit your target audience is a key indicator of the success of your LinkedIn content strategy.

Conversely, if you discover a large number of followers who fall into a related demographic, managers at small to midsize businesses, for example, you can also execute a content strategy that engages this group in order to build brand awareness.

Find Out Who is Visiting Your LinkedIn Company Page

The “Visitors” section quantifies both the number of page views and the number of unique visitors to your company page. As with the “Followers” section, your visitors can be sorted by demographics to help you pinpoint the audience your LinkedIn content strategy is attracting. The “Visitors” section is useful for measuring awareness, but its real utility lies in helping you understand what types of people were attracted to your site but not converted to followers. For instance, if you see a large number of visitors from the technology industry, then adding tech-related content of interest to these professionals might drive engagement and convert them to followers.

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Use the “Updates” Section to Plan Ahead

The “Updates” section of your LinkedIn analytics tool provides data about impressions, interactions, clicks, and engagement for each individual update, as well as a cumulative engagement score. Why is this important? It helps you align your LinkedIn content strategy with your overall marketing goals. Looking to build brand awareness? Check out the content that garners the highest number of impressions and publish similar posts. Are you more focused on conversions? Identify posts with high engagement and write similar content.

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

Making the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you focus on well-defined target audiences and the LinkedIn company page analytics dashboard gives you the tools you need to measure your effectiveness. Our LinkedIn Marketing Services help you maximize your efforts and get the best ROI for your marketing campaigns.


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