LinkedIn for Business: Why This is the Year To Embrace It

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linkedin for businessAlmost immediately following the start of the New Year, LinkedIn hit a pretty major milestone: it reached 200 million members. While its growth hasn’t been as exponential as Twitter or Pinterest, LinkedIn’s popularity has seen rising over the past few years, and practically no one is anticipating that it will stop any time soon. When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn has become the clear choice of among the various social media channels. It provides detailed information about a business and allows companies to easily connect with one another. Should you currently not be using LinkedIn for business, or if you haven’t been using it as well as you can be, then 2013 should be the year that you fully embrace the “grown up” social network.

In order for you to better understand why you should start using LinkedIn for business, we have come up with 3 compelling reasons.

Reason #1 – Revised, More Media Friendly Layout

LinkedIn made a number of changes that not only makes it more appealing but also makes it easier to post various types of content on your page, like video and pictures. This results in a much friendlier user experience and lets you better market brand on the site.

Reason #2 – Better Quality Lead Generation

Leads that you get through LinkedIn are much more likely to convert. The reason for this is the fact that businesses are using LinkedIn the same way that a consumer would use a search or online reviews to help look into a particular product: they are doing their homework. Because they have already read about your company in detail, they are much more likely to be converted.

Reason#3 – It Will Raise Your SEO

Linking your website to your LinkedIn page is already a good tactic, as it creates another avenue for web traffic to find your site. That being said, Google tends to give more importance to content that is posted on the social media site, and is more likely to rank I highly on search results.

Should you need help getting started with LinkedIn for business, or should you need help boosting your current LinkedIn strategy, then feel free to contact us here at SevenAtoms. We can be reached at (925) 566-6969 or by going to our contact page.

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