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Greetings from INBOUND 2016! Today was the first full day of inbound marketing’s biggest event of the year, and the show floor was absolutely packed. In fact, this was the first year in which INBOUND was sold out, a significant testament to  just how many businesses have adopted HubSpot and inbound marketing. But if you weren’t able to attend this year, don’t fret – we have you covered.


The biggest keynote event of the day featured HubSpot’s founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Both speakers examined  inbound marketing (and marketing in general), discussing its origins, how it’s evolved, and where it’s headed. Below, we’ve put together a few of the most notable takeaways from that keynote:

Brian’s Takeaways

#1 – It’s Time to Get Paid (Advertising)

Thanks in part to some of the recent changes to Google’s search result pages, it’s become increasingly important to combine paid campaigns, such as AdWords, with your inbound efforts. It’s especially essential to use paid channels in order to promote your company’s content.

#2 – Your Website is a Silent Salesperson

One of the big points that Brian made was that “in 2006, a website augmented the salesperson.
In 2016 – the salesperson augments the website.” In other words, our websites do most of the selling for us, and the sales team should just come in at the end to close the prospect. This of course means that having a well designed, helpful website is critical to driving sales.

#3 – Cold Calling is Officially Dead

The way people shop for goods and services has changed. Modern prospects simply do not respond well to cold calls, making this an outdated practice.

#4 – “Live on Social”

Social media can’t be a marketing “nice to have.” Social needs to be a part of every business’ inbound strategy. It should be used to engage with prospects, promote content, and spread brand awareness.


Dharmesh’s Takeaways

#1 – Search is Changing

People use different tools to search for different things: Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all essentially search tools. Your business needs to make sure that it is visible not just in Google, but any other relevant search tool as well.

#2 – When it Comes to Mobile, Apps Are King

When smartphones first hit the scene, many thought that consumers would simply use  the integrated browser to search. But the vast majority of people use apps to find things instead. In fact, the four biggest communication apps, such as WhatsApp, are growing at a much faster rate than social media channels like Twitter or LinkedIn. For many brands, it makes more sense to build an app than just a “strong mobile experience.”

#3 – Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Marketing

Tools utilizing artificial intelligence have started popping up in a number of industries, but marketing has seen only a few. That’s going to change, however, starting with HubSpot’s new Growthbot. This tool allows you to ask a marketing question in plain English and provides you with a response. You can ask it what the most popular blog posts were on a website, how much traffic you received from paid channels the previous month, or the type of software that a potential client may use.

That’s a wrap on Day 1 of INBOUND 2016, but there’s  a lot more exciting news to come.  Stay tuned!

You can check out the full video of the keynote below: 

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Andy Beohar

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