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In order to create an effective new strategy for any aspect of your business, it’s necessary to gather and analyze data so you can better understand what is and isn’t working within your existing system. In the world of ecommerce, the term “web analytics” refers to the data gathering and analysis efforts that support an online business strategy. Web analytics tools gather information across a wide range of metrics in order to examine the behavior of web users who might respond to a promotion, join or leave a target market, visit a site, or become paying customers.

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These data analysis efforts are often categorized as “onsite” or “offsite” web analytics. Offsite analytics monitor the internet as a whole, and can provide information about a company’s potential target audience. Offsite efforts can also examine social media metrics that can measure the degree of buzz surrounding a topic at any given moment. By comparison, onsite analytics deal with a specific website, and can measure the number of visitors to the site, the content these visitors look at most, and the kind of site visits that lead to conversions, or actual purchases.

Web analytics tools and services vary widely. There are several software applications available that can help you gather data across a diverse set of metrics, and just as many services that can help you use this data to move your web strategy forward.

But the goal of any web analytics metrics approach is the same: control. Quality web analytics give you a closer look at your target market and the forces that influence your potential growth. Once you understand how your decisions affect the behavior of your customers, you can develop an online strategy that raises your traffic and conversion rates and makes the best use of your resources.

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