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Using Social Media to Create a Better Customer Experience

Everyone knows that customer experience is what can make or break a business.  In a store front, you have to count on your employee’s to show the best side of your business – so why wouldn’t you want to do the same online?

Blogging For Your Business Success

If you own a business, you know that ultimately it all boils down to the bottom line. The goal for any business is to increase profits. And to achieve higher profits, you need to increase exposure for your business online. So how do you increase your online business presence? Getting higher search visibility is the way to do it.

Using Social Media for B2B Marketing

When people think about social media marketing, many focus on the idea of business to customer marketing.  However, there’s a whole other level of social marketing – business to business.

Social Media and Politics

Elections are just around the corner.  Literally, they’re tomorrow!

The past few weeks I’ve been digging political propaganda out of my mailbox, my inbox, it’s on TV, and it’s been no surprise to find political messages all over my social media networks.  These days it’s not uncommon to support your favorite candidate on by following them on Facebook or Twitter.  We can follow our “brand” of politician and judge their campaign through the communication they relay with their social media.

Spooky Social Media

Halloween is just around the corner, and some companies are getting in the spirit!  Sears has launched  For those Zombies that don’t know English, with a simple click, they can switch to Zombian for an easier shopping experience. If you need a little practice speaking the language, just check out the wiki for some basics.

Social Media Reaching New Heights …Literally!

Where do you tweet from?  Your home computer?  Your phone?  What about..... outer space?!

Look, Who Just Pushed The Social Pedal

What you’re losing by not Embracing Social Media

So you’ve just started a small business and you have a fantastic product, but nobody’s buying it. I’m here to tell you why. First, are you sure your product is actually fantastic? Because I know people like to embellish to make themselves sound cooler. Like, last week, I played HORSE with Kobe Bryant. And I won (okay, not really, but for a second you almost believe me, right?). So you’ve double-checked that your product is great. But still, nobody is buying and you can’t really afford TV advertisements. What do you do? Go social.

Why Choose Social Media?

Social media marketing, what does that even mean?

Social Media, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tweet

Tweeting. Blogging. Facebook. We've all heard of them. Many of us have used them. But does anyone pay attention? Lets face it, we all want to know someone out there is listening. And, at least according to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by, they are. The report finds that "85% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses." Smaller businesses reported higher degrees of gained exposure, with nearly 90% of marketers reporting a significant increase.

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