Social Media Content Strategy for Small Businesses

Social-Media-Touch-HD-ForWallpapers.com_-490x490Do you love being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking websites? Guess what? Your customers and clients also love being on networking websites. Instead of peddling your wares by buying up advertising space, it’s time to join in and develop a social media content strategy for your small business. How do you go about establishing, supporting or reinforcing your brand? You create compelling content to use to promote your brand on social networking websites, blogs, your website and newsletter.

Creating Compelling Content

Content strategy is a term used to describe what goes into planning, developing and managing attractive, easy to  understand information. Good content:

  • Communicates an idea
  • Gives information
  • Is engaging to read
  • Promotes your social media strategy

By creating effective content, you can use your content as part of a social media strategy for your small business.

Small Business Social Media Needs

Small businesses need to tell customers or clients what their companies are about. Social media for small businesses have different strategies than large companies. For one, small businesses should promote what ever sets them apart from medium to large sized companies. Compared to large companies, small businesses are:

  • More personable
  • Flexible
  • Move faster

The social media content that you write should reinforce what sets you apart from the big dogs. To write captivating content for your small business, keep the tone engaging and casual.  Social media is a conversation you have with your customers or potential clients. Don’t bore them to death with a formal tone. Refresh your content weekly. By keeping up on blogging, tweeting or posting to Facebook, you keep your small business relevant and remind people that some of the best things in life come from little businesses.

What are some of your social media content strategies for your small business? Post your comments below:


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