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Halloween is just around the corner, and some companies are getting in the spirit!  Sears has launched sears.com/zombies.  For those Zombies that don’t know English, with a simple click, they can switch to Zombian for an easier shopping experience. If you need a little practice speaking the language, just check out the wiki for some basics.

zombie-ad                 zombie-ad-2

An interactive gift guide let me know that my personal zombie friend would enjoy a cool place to store his zombie-ad-1favorite snack.  A few short clips show that though their staff knows the basics about what a Zombie needs, they might not be prepared for self defense!  Maybe helping a zombie loosen up on a treadmill isn’t the best idea!

Think that’s all?  @zombieshopper already has over 700 friends and is giving shopping tips to all of his followers!  He’s also let us know that his arm might fall off from clapping and that ripped clothes are going to be a BIG trend this season!  Maybe I should pull out the scissors!


What is the point of all of my babbling?  I like zombies.  Okay, that was obvious, but  online marketing isn’t just about posting your newest deals or products.  It’s about finding new ways to engage your customers.  Holiday’s are a great excuse to show that your company can poke fun at themselves while engaging a whole new audience.  Mr. S. H. Zombie is likely to pay off with a few more hits to sears.com, a few giggles, and probably some sales!  As a business owner, you want someone that will know your audience, and find innovative ways to engage them.


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