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facebook custom pages, facebook custom tabs, facebook business page Recently, Lab42 did some research into people’s web preferences and discovered that just over half of those polled preferred a Facebook business page over its webpage. This statistic is very telling, showing just how popular social media has become as well as how important it is for businesses to get more serious about Facebook. In order to help your businesses with this, we will take a look at how to use custom tabs in order to make the most of your Facebook business page.

Have them target a specific demographic. If you want to reach a wider variety of people effectively, create landing pages designed specifically for your different target groups. That way they won’t have to poke through your main landing page just to find the info that they are interested in.

Run contests and promotions. Nothing inspires loyalty from your followers and brings you new followers like a good, old-fashioned contest. Try setting up a tab for your online promotion or contest and make sure to have links to it throughout your Facebook page. This will get people interacting more with it.

Use videos. A good Facebook tab should have at least one video on it. Keep it short, with a minimum length of thirty seconds and a maximum of two and a half to three minutes. That way it is well enough to communicate the relevant info but not so long that the viewer will get bored with it and move on.

Make sure to use a call-to-action. Each custom tab will have its own content. Make sure you follow up this content with an appropriate call-to-action that will lead the reader from that specific tab to either another tab, where they can learn more information, or preferably to a contact page or online store.

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