Strategies for Overcoming Google’s Penguin Update

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google algorithm update, google penguin update, overcome google penguin updateWas your small business website hit hard by Google’s latest
Penguin update
? It is critical to literally get back in the rankings as quickly as possible. Recovering from algorithm updates is seldom simple. However, implement these tactics to help improve your momentum and remain popular and effective.

Diagnosing Penguin

When trying to identify a traffic drop, you can examine several indicators. Use analytics tools to determine if the drop coincides with the Penguin update dates. Examine data two weeks before and two weeks after the Penguin dates for enhanced accuracy.

Penguin is a keyword-driven rather then a site-driven algorithm. Analytics also determine which keywords dropped. In Google Analytics, dropped keywords appear near the top because these words are heavily optimized. Here, you see if certain keywords lost visibility.

Use MajesticSEO or similar sites to download anchor text distribution data. Dropped anchors directly correlate to dropped keywords. For example, if your aggressive anchor text targets “outdoor activities Colorado,” you will probably see a drop in associated keywords like “hiking in Boulder” and “affordable skiing trips.”

Using Excel, gather all relevant data—like analytics and anchor text—and create a Pivot Table. Here, you can examine the percentage decrease on your site, the drop, and the number of existing links for a keyword. This Pivot Table allows you to pinpoint abnormally large links. After identifying where your site is over-optimized with external links, you can change or remove these links.

Recovering from Penguin

Recovering from Penguin typically depends on your specific situation. However, these five tactics might help you bounce back:

  1. Dispose of all unrelated links on your site.
  2. Obtain backlinks by having great content or guest blogging on related sites.
  3. Use different anchor texts to drive link building.
  4. Ensure your site is simple to navigate and has minimal ads.
  5. Include links only in the body of content.

By cleaning up spam and avoiding black hat SEO principles, you can recover from a Penguin hit. Another—perhaps most effective—tactic includes enlisting the help of professional content writing and content marketing firms. These companies, such as SevenAtoms, provide expert-written content for your site—including blog writing and article writing—and protect your site from algorithm attacks.

Has your site been “bitten” by Penguin? How did you recover? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.


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Andy Beohar

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