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Oftentimes, you get one chance to impress someone reading your content. Content writing is not something that just anyone off the street can do for your business. Captivating content informs, instigates discussions and provokes your reader to do something. That something could be clicking though to the website, checking out a product or service or sharing your content. How does one create captivating content writing? Make yourself look like an expert on a subject. The tone of the content doesn’t have to be authoritative, but it does have to showcase your knowledge about a particular topic. For example, a wedding event planner could write a blog about new trends in rehearsal dinners. The fact that the event planner knows about these trends indicates that they are also able to provide these services. A bride-to-be can read their blog and get ideas or share the information with other friends. At the end of the day, the blog accomplished three different things. Add value to the event planner’s company, showcase services and be shared with a potential clients.

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Before you can write captivating content, you must understand what doesn’t make effective content writing. Overt selling doesn’t work. Pushing a product or a service will turn off your reader. Consumers regard “hard sell” tactics with distrust. You also want to engage your reader by asking them questions. By asking smart questions, you allow your reader to think up answers for themselves. Your questions may also provoke you reader to share your content with someone else. It’s like free advertising. The more times your content is shared the more people become acquainted with your company. You want them to have a good impression of your company, which is why you shouldn’t have your little sister (unless she’s a professional copywriter) write your content. There must be purpose and strategy when it comes to content writing.


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