Tips on Incorporating Twitter into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

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twitter marketing, inbound marketing strategy, twitter and inbound marketing While Facebook may dominates the social media scene, Twitter has also carved a niche for itself in the ever growing social media domain. If you haven’t begun to use Twitter for your business, there are a number of things that you should know. In order to help your business use Twitter marketing effectively, we have come up with a few important tips on how your business should use it in its inbound marketing strategy.

Use Twitter to Reach New Leads

Twitter is all about developing a following and sharing information with that following. The advantage to using Twitter is that you’re basically having your followers promote your business for you. With the right piece of content, you can reach a very large amount of people in a very short amount of time.

Connect Twitter to Your Other Media Channels

Twitter is a great net that your business can use to bring in leads. By creating links from your Twitter feed to your website, blog, or other inbound marketing channel, you can funnel those potential customers into places where you are able to convert them into customers.

Put a Twitter Feed on your Website/Blog

In order to help grow your Twitter following, keep a Twitter feed on your website. Not only does this add a stream of fresh content onto your web page, it advertises your Twitter feed and improves your following.

Interact with Your Customers (and Potential Customers)

Twitter, like all social media sites, is a great way to build a relationship with your followers. You can do this by Retweeting posts from you followers and commenting and the things that they say. While some may see this superfluous, it actually is great customer service. Your followers will appreciate it and like your brand all the more.

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Andy Beohar

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