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6 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Stores

In today’s highly digital world, entrepreneurs are shying away from traditional brick and mortar stores and flocking toward the web. Considering there are an estimated 205 million online shoppers each day, dipping into online business seems like a solid plan. But with ample customers comes ample competition.

Google Announces Major AdWords Changes at Performance Summit 2016

July 6, 2016 E-Commerce

Mobile Now Centerpiece for AdWords Campaigns with Responsive Display Ads

On May 24, Google announced significant changes to AdWords device bidding and responsive display ads as the search giant continues its push towards a mobile first world. Over half of all Google searches happen on mobile, reports Google. The company is continuing to push its mobile-first search vision with changes that empower advertisers to make mobile the centerpiece of their ad campaigns.

Shopping Cart Abandonment - 3 Best Practices To Address This Problem

June 21, 2016 E-Commerce

Nearly seven out of ten online consumers abandon their shopping carts, reports the Baymard Institute, which aggregated eCommerce cart abandonment rate studies to reach this figure. Depending on the time of year, Listrak’s Shopping Cart Abandonment Index can spike as high as 83 percent, with the six-month average abandonment rate for late 2015 hovering at 75 percent. Ecommerce cart abandonment is a serious, pervasive problem across all industries. Understanding the reasons for shopping cart abandonment are essential to bringing customers back to your site to complete their purchase and stopping the abandonment in the first place.

8 Smart Ways to Leverage Visual Content in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

For eCommerce marketers, there are plenty of avenues through which to reach and engage a larger customer base—but many of these come with a hefty price tag. Leveraging content as part of your eCommerce marketing strategy can boost your exposure and increase conversions, while protecting your budget and resources. In the coming years, eCommerce marketers should increasingly focus on visual content, which is 40 times more likely to get customers sharing on social media—meaning you increase your presence without spending big bucks.

Spectacular Pinterest Marketing Tips for Boosting SEO

Pinterest has become the social media platform of choice for a variety of businesses, and especially in the ecommerce industry. With over 100 million active users – over 90% of whom use the site to plan out their purchases – Pinterest is an excellent channel through which to funnel traffic directly to your online store.

3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Even in 2016 marketers continue to make crucial email marketing mistakes. But for eCommerce businesses, these email errors can be fatal.

4 Ecommerce Website SEO Best Practices You Need To Know

When it comes to ecommerce marketing, if you don’t have a strong digital presence, you won’t see success. It doesn’t matter how perfectly designed your store and website are if people can’t find you! That’s why it is essential to get your SEO working to the max. Below, we share four easy-to-follow ecommerce website SEO best practices that will see you off and on your way to success.

6 Ecommerce Landing Page Best Practices That Will Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

Landing pages are a must-have feature for ecommerce businesses, as they can drive a significant amount of conversions and even sales—when properly used. Whether integrated with your paid search advertising or your email newsletter, follow these six ecommerce landing page best practices to skyrocket your conversion rate and marketing success.

Google Shopping Campaigns: 4 Tips on Optimizing and Executing

Google Shopping campaigns are an effective way of combining paid advertising and SEO to drive traffic to your ecommerce store. With Google Shopping campaigns, not only does your company show up when a user searches Google for an item, your actual product listing – complete with photo, price, and merchant – links a user directly to a point of purchase.

4 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Startups

Pinterest doesn’t get as much attention from startups as other social networks do—and for some businesses, especially ecommerce sites, that’s a huge mistake. In a previous blog post, we shared the statistics that show exactly why “pinning is winning” for ecommerce startups, including:

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