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Facebook Ads Funnel for Ecommerce: A 4-Step Guide

March 9, 2020 Facebook

I’ll start this blog off with a confession: I have a dice problem. 

12 Facebook Features You Need to Use Today

January 29, 2019 Facebook

With more than 2.25 billion monthly users, Facebook is still the place to be when it comes to social media marketing. 

Take the Time to Learn Timeline, Your Brand’s Free Best Friend

In the two months since Facebook switched businesses from Fan Page to Timeline, has your brand made the most of this innovation in social media?  If not, don’t despair.  While there is a lot of initial work to do, the opportunity for your brand to boost engagement with customers is well worth the effort.  Here are some tips:

The New Facebook Page Admin Panel: What it Means For Your Business

A few months ago Facebook introduced the Timeline feature, which allowed users to chronologically organize their wall content. A little while later, the Timeline became applicable to business pages as well as personal profiles. If you’re using Facebook to promote your business and increase your marketing impact, the Timeline feature offers a whole new way to reach out to potential customers and build new contacts and connections.

How Google + Can Help Your Business

Google+ is a new social networking site similar to Facebook and Twitter, which means that when it’s finally up and running, well-populated, and able to support business profiles, it’s destined to become a powerful online marketing platform. It’s not there yet, but when it is, you’ll want your business to be ready.

New Changes in Social Media and How They Affect the Way You Promote Your Business

For several years now, social media has provided a much touted marketing platform for any business with an e-marketing component. Social media was the believed to the most powerful way, if not the only relevant way, to generate word-of-mouth buzz in an online landscape. And social media provided the rare but intoxicating chance that an e-marketer’s greatest dream might be fulfilled and a marketing message might go “viral”.

Social Media Influence

These days, everyone is involved with social media.  Many businesses have people dedicated to following their twitter feeds to make sure their clients are answered and engaged.  We’ve talked before about how these simple interactions can really impact how a customer views your business.  However, Social Media can be more than just a self serving tool to promote your business – it can be a tool to bring awareness to other causes or articles that are close to your heart.

Using Social Media to Create a Better Customer Experience

Everyone knows that customer experience is what can make or break a business.  In a store front, you have to count on your employee’s to show the best side of your business – so why wouldn’t you want to do the same online?

Social Media, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tweet

Tweeting. Blogging. Facebook. We've all heard of them. Many of us have used them. But does anyone pay attention? Lets face it, we all want to know someone out there is listening. And, at least according to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by, they are. The report finds that "85% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses." Smaller businesses reported higher degrees of gained exposure, with nearly 90% of marketers reporting a significant increase.


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