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Facebook Ads for Amazon Sellers: A Great Solution to Promote Your Products

May 4, 2020 Facebook Ads, Amazon

As an Amazon seller, you have access to the wide array of marketing tools and resources that the largest digital marketplace in the world has to offer. However, omni-channel marketing is paramount in order to stay a step ahead of the competition and reach a broader audience – and Facebook is a great place to start.

Scale Your Facebook Paid Ads Campaign By Finding New Audiences

February 6, 2019 Facebook Ads

Running a Facebook paid ads campaign has an incredibly different dynamic than running an AdWords campaign. The chief differentiating factor is that success with AdWords relies on the users' needs and intents with search terms while Facebook ads center around interests and user data. This presents a challenge when it comes to properly targeting a Facebook paid ads campaign and finding the right audiences, and these tips can help you scale your campaign and test which groups of users end up becoming the most responsive.

6 Facebook Paid Ads Mistakes That You Should Not Make

January 30, 2019 Facebook Ads

Facebook ads may be PPC like AdWords, but have a slightly different dynamic. A common mistake that many marketers make is applying the same strategies to Facebook campaigns that were successful in Adwords. If your Facebook ads have been underperforming even if you did well with other PPC campaigns, here's some of the most common mistakes made with Facebook campaigns.


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