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Facebook Marketing Strategy: The Importance of Facebook Content

There are a number of unique challenges that come with using Facebook as a marketing tool. Facebook brings businesses much closer to their customers than they may be used to. This can make it hard when it comes to what type of content you should put on your page. The benefits of Facebook, being inexpensive and effective, make it a force that cannot be ignored, however. Having a Facebook Marketing Strategy is imperative to your business’ social media success. A strong strategy will outline what types of Facebook content you need and when you should post it. Here we will outline how to go about creating a strategy, as well as content, for your Facebook page.

How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Using SEO

More small businesses have joined the social media marketing game—and Facebook has noticed. Today, this social media giant—once associated with personal content—has blurred the lines between “social” and “search.” Popular search engines like Google and Bing now consider Facebook content in their SEO rankings.


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