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Kill Link Building, Start Earning Links Instead in 2014

Links have been the primary way in which search engines discover new pages on the internet. Since the days when Google came up with it’s Page Rank algorithm to value sites based on number of incoming links, Link Building has been a big thing in the SEO world.

Using Press Release Marketing as an Organic Link Building Tactic

Everyone knows that if you need to get the word out on a new product or service then Press Releases are a great tool to accomplish this. What is not so well known is the secondary benefit that comes with issuing a press release: creating organic backlinks. If your business is on the fence on whether or not to used press release marketing, then you should strongly consider this little known fact as a strong endorsement to take the plunge into using press releases. They are one of the best ways to encourage organic link building and increase your websites SEO.

Effective Article Marketing Strategy for Organic Link Building

The reason that you need an article marketing strategy is simple: it generates better quality leads. While things like SEO and web traffic are important, quality is always better than quantity. With article marketing you can establish your website as a great source of helpful information which in turn attracts the specific type of leads that you want. But you can’t just start posting articles on your website or submit them to article directories without a plan. An article marketing strategy is great way for your business to establish itself and produce high quality leads.

How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Using SEO

More small businesses have joined the social media marketing game—and Facebook has noticed. Today, this social media giant—once associated with personal content—has blurred the lines between “social” and “search.” Popular search engines like Google and Bing now consider Facebook content in their SEO rankings.

The Future is Here – Google Knowledge Makes SEO Yet More Complex

SEO, that complex dance of site quality, traffic, and link building , just got more intricate with the advent of Google Knowledge. How does Google’s latest Search tool attempt to figure out what you really want to know? And what will it mean for your business ? Here’s a brief rundown:

Avoiding the Penguin’s Bite

Google, in its never ending battle against low quality webspam, has launched another algorithmic weapon into the fray. Penguin, released on April 24th, is Google’s Over Optimization Penalty and targets unseemly SEO tactics, primarily keyword stuffing and article spinning. It is now easier for Google to detect and penalize tactics that were already violating webmaster guidelines.


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