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SaaS PPC Marketing: 5 Tips to Find (and Convert) Better Leads

June 27, 2019 SaaS Marketing

Whether you’re a new SaaS startup or an established service that’s been around for a while, one thing is for sure: You need more customers. Everyone needs more customers! That’s the raison d’être for a business, to grow and thrive. 

2017 SaaS Marketing Strategies: Expert Tips for Attracting, Closing, and Delighting Customers

SaaS companies face a challenge unlike many other businesses. Not only do they have to attract customers and close sales, but they have to make sure their customers stick with them for the long haul. For SaaS marketers, this means you have to keep customers and leads consistently engaged and happy—but where do you start?

SaaS Companies: Improve Customer Engagement With These 4 Tips

SaaS companies know the value of customer engagement when it comes to closing leads. Far too often, a customer will sign up for a free trial only to end up not actually using the platform and therefore not purchasing it. On the other hand, a customer’s high level of engagement with a product during a free trial is a good indicator that they understand the value of the product well enough that they will subscribe upon the completion of the free trial. This is exactly the kind of lead SaaS marketers want to attract and nurture.

4 SaaS Marketing Strategies for Improved Lead Generation

Now more than ever, Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are faced with an overwhelming abundance of marketing channels to choose from. Though many organizations maintain their traditional marketing roots, the rise of digital marketing has spawned new promotional channels that you can use to connect with audiences. Herein lies the challenge - determining which channels your SaaS company should focus its marketing efforts on.

SaaS Marketing Success Begins with Inbound Marketing Strategies

In a fast paced business world, where our audience’s attention is pulled in diverse directions, many companies have found success in engaging their target markets through Inbound Marketing strategies. SaaS companies are no exception. Successful SaaS Marketing depends on utilizing inbound strategies to reach, engage, convert, and retain customers.

HubSpot SaaS Marketing - 5 Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation

HubSpot provides an excellent platform for lead generation as it helps across all stages of the SaaS marketing funnel. But in order to get the most out of the platform, it has to be used effectively. Below are five ways you can optimize HubSpot for SaaS lead generation.

Have you got your B2B SaaS Marketing Right?

Many SaaS companies fail before they’re able to attract a user base. The wrong SaaS marketing strategies, or a lack of marketing, is often to blame. Does your business offer software as a service to other businesses? If so, then there are a lot of targeted marketing strategies you can use to make sure that your online marketing efforts are converting at the highest rates possible.


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