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Spectacular Pinterest Marketing Tips for Boosting SEO

Pinterest has become the social media platform of choice for a variety of businesses, and especially in the ecommerce industry. With over 100 million active users – over 90% of whom use the site to plan out their purchases – Pinterest is an excellent channel through which to funnel traffic directly to your online store.

5 Statistics That Prove You Need Twitter in Your 2016 Social Media Strategy

With the plethora of social media strategies to add to your plate in 2016—including video content production and retargeting campaigns—many marketers are wondering: “Is it worth it to invest my time in Twitter this upcoming year?”

A Look at Why B2Bs Can’t Ignore LinkedIn in 2014

LinkedIn kind of became a big deal in the world of B2B marketing last year. While the numbers were certainly impressive (and I will get to those in a little bit), just the way that customers and prospects were talking about LinkedIn made it clear to me that it has been coming into its own as a marketing channel. People would call in out of the blue and want to talk about it, and while they did not all have a good idea of what could be done on LinkedIn to help generate prospects, they certainly knew that it could be used to attract them. Let’s take a look at just how LinkedIn marketing grew in 2013 and why you can’t ignore it in 2014.

How Social Media Marketing can Boost your Business

Social media is the new face of your business. You’ll find that customers will resort to social media when they have something to say about a particular business. They will find your business profile on any social network, and not hold back on anything they wish to say. Taking control, and showcasing your brand through social media will not only benefit your business, but will also help you connect with your customers on a personal level.

How Facebook’s Graph Search Impacts Social Media Marketing

Last Tuesday we saw the biggest announcement to come from Facebook since Timeline, perhaps even bigger. With Graph Search, Facebook has made it extremely easy find information on its site, be it pictures, friends, or places. More than that, Graph Search puts Facebook in direct competition with sites like Yelp, acting as a social way in which to find businesses. If you want to find a place to eat, all you need to do is input “local restaurants my friends like” and suddenly there will be a list of you restaurants near you that have been “liked” by your connections. The implications of Graph Search are huge and will radically define Facebook marketing. In order to help you prepare, here is what Graph Search means for Facebook marketing.

Using LinkedIn for Your B2B Social Media Marketing

When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn has become the social media network of choice. It provides a great medium in which companies can not only talk about themselves but also a means in which they can connect with others and participate in conversations about their industry. If you are a B2B company, you need to make sure that you have a strong presence on LinkedIn and that you are actively engaging on it. Should you be a bit in the dark about how to go about developing a b2b social media marketing strategy for LinkedIn, then don’t worry; we will explain how you can use it to grow your business.

Social Media Marketing and its Role in Your Brands Online Reputation

Your business has a lot of faces. Your website, your blog, your customer service department, and even your staff all represent your company. The thing that can have the most impact on your online reputation, however, is social media. We have seen social media marketing rise from a fun little “hobby” in the world of advertising to a full blown, essential piece of any business. It has become the preferred way for consumers to interact with a business and is the face that they see on the day to day basis. Let’s take a look at just how your approach to social media marketing effects your reputation online.

How a Social Media Marketing Company Can Help Reach Your Business Goals

Most businesses don’t realize this, but the majority of consumers would actually prefer to interact with a brand over social media pages rather than its website. That is because businesses are far more welcoming on social media, appearing less like a faceless conglomeration and more like a group of people working to create products or offer services that they love. Consumers feel like more open to ask questions on social media, and find it easier to either sing a business’s praise or offer it (hopefully) constructive criticism. For companies that are looking to get into the social media arena, and those that are in it already but haven’t really seen any success, it is good to establish realistic, attainable goals for how your social media channels will drive your business. They should be aware that it will take time in order to accomplish these goals, along with a bit of patience. Once the social media ball has started rolling, however, it will only continue to gain momentum. A social media marketing company is a great way for businesses to get that ball rolling.

How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Using SEO

More small businesses have joined the social media marketing game—and Facebook has noticed. Today, this social media giant—once associated with personal content—has blurred the lines between “social” and “search.” Popular search engines like Google and Bing now consider Facebook content in their SEO rankings.

Shoe-String Budget Internet Marketing Tips

How much do you want to spend on your online marketing? A large company like Geico spent almost $1 billion dollars on advertising last year, according to Radio & Television Business Report. Because most small and medium sized companies do not allocate a billion dollars or even a million dollars for their Internet marketing, they have to strategize. Strategy=less money spent on unsuccessful online marketing services.

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