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6 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Stores

In today’s highly digital world, entrepreneurs are shying away from traditional brick and mortar stores and flocking toward the web. Considering there are an estimated 205 million online shoppers each day, dipping into online business seems like a solid plan. But with ample customers comes ample competition.

4 Tips for Creating an Awesome Online Video Marketing Strategy

Online videos are one of the best tools you can use to build brand awareness and engage your audience. If you’re new to developing online marketing videos, it can seem a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve put together four great tips for creating an awesome online video marketing strategy.

Spectacular Pinterest Marketing Tips for Boosting SEO

Pinterest has become the social media platform of choice for a variety of businesses, and especially in the ecommerce industry. With over 100 million active users – over 90% of whom use the site to plan out their purchases – Pinterest is an excellent channel through which to funnel traffic directly to your online store.

How to Win at Social Media Marketing: Awesome Hacks Across 4 Major Platforms

Social media marketing is a fun, challenging, and demanding task—one that saavy marketers are always looking to scale and hack. With so many platforms and so many different ways to try (and fail!) at effectively promoting your business across social media, who wouldn’t want a simple list of proven ways to maximize your efforts without overexerting yourself or your team?

Influencer Marketing: What it is and 3 Reasons to Leverage It

As a marketer, you spend a ton of time and resources on your content marketing, from developing the content to creating a strategy to promote the finished product across social media. But as you also likely know, if your target audience doesn’t end up seeing your content, it’s not going to get you the results you’re looking for.

How to Use Hashtags Effectively: The 3-Step Process

Hashtags—the little waffle-shaped symbol that changed how people use social media forever.

How to Create Powerful Social Media Marketing Campaigns: The 2016 Guide

It’s safe to say that the antiquated thought process that social media is where brain cells go to die is well behind us. For many businesses, social media is a powerful channel for generating leads and building your brand. If your business hasn’t acquired new leads and customers through strategic social media marketing, it’s almost certain that a company in your circle has.

5 Inspired Twitter Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet

For many businesses across a number of industries, Twitter is an effective social media channel through which to improve brand awareness and extend the reach of promoted content. But with so many tips and tricks out there and strategies to try (10,000 character tweets?!), it can be difficult to determine where to start.

5 Fatal Social Media Marketing Pitfalls

Marketers know that social media is a great tool for improving online visibility, engaging potential customers, and bolstering other inbound efforts—however, there’s plenty of room for error.

4 Reasons to Develop a B2B SlideShare Marketing Strategy

Do you have PowerPoint slides from past presentations and webinars gathering dust on your hard drive? B2B marketers can turn them into powerful visual marketing assets by publishing them to LinkedIn SlideShare.

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