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Killer Reasons to Outsource Your B2B Social Media Management

For B2Bs, social media is an effective channel through which to engage followers, promote marketing materials, and drive conversions. Many, however, don’t have the resources in-house to maximize their social media use and keep improving their effectiveness on their chosen platforms. That’s why for B2Bs, outsourcing social media management to an agency is often the best solution.

B2B Social Media Strategy 101: How to Create an Effective Social Media Calendar

B2B marketers know creating a social media strategy is an effective way to engage with customers on a more personal level, but it’s not always possible to have someone monitoring an account around the clock. A social media calendar can be a useful for helping you manage the scheduling and posting of content, allowing you to set up a month’s work of updates in just one sitting. For B2B businesses in particular, a social media calendar can help you nurture customer relationships without taking up all of your time. Learn how to maximize your B2B social media strategy by following these five steps for creating an effective social media calendar.

The Impact of Twitter’s 10,000-Character Tweets for Marketers

News that Twitter would increase its character limit from 140 to 10,000 has rocked the social media world as of late. For years, users have condensed ideas into this shortened format, but now users (and especially marketers) are wondering what the increased limit will mean for the platform.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips: How to Create a Stellar Showcase Page for Your Business

Business professionals and marketers across the globe understand just how effective LinkedIn is for content promotion and lead generation. But are you taking full advantage of your company’s LinkedIn page? Below we share some of our top LinkedIn marketing tips, walking you through what a LinkedIn Showcase Page is, how businesses are using it to generate interest in their products and services, and how you can set one up for your own company, today.

Creating a Killer B2B Social Media Strategy in Just 5 Steps

Social media has emerged as a top resource for marketing professionals and continues to be an effective way to generate B2B leads. No two networks are the same, so for a killer B2B social media strategy, it’s best to make a concrete plan of your goals (and tangible metrics for knowing when you’ve met them), and tailor your strategy to provide substantial content that engages with industry leaders and your followers.

Next Level LinkedIn Marketing Tips for B2B Startups

In 2015, we posted a lot about just how effective LinkedIn marketing is for B2B companies, showing you how to optimize your content for the social network and why you should be using Lead Accelerator. Now, to honor the new year, we’ve compiled a list of “next level” LinkedIn marketing tips for B2B startups and established businesses looking to further maximize their use of the site.

4 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Startups

Pinterest doesn’t get as much attention from startups as other social networks do—and for some businesses, especially ecommerce sites, that’s a huge mistake. In a previous blog post, we shared the statistics that show exactly why “pinning is winning” for ecommerce startups, including:

4 Social Media Strategies to Inspire Your 2016 Business Marketing

The New Year is finally here, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to revamp your social media marketing strategies to help your business attract, close, and delight new leads and customers.

2015 Round Up: Our Top 8 Inbound Marketing Tips From the Year

In the early days of 2016, it’s a great idea to take some time to reflect on the past year’s marketing efforts. At SevenAtoms, we recently discussed our ups and downs from 2015, noting what worked and what didn’t, and what we’d like to do moving forward.

5 Statistics That Prove You Need Twitter in Your 2016 Social Media Strategy

With the plethora of social media strategies to add to your plate in 2016—including video content production and retargeting campaigns—many marketers are wondering: “Is it worth it to invest my time in Twitter this upcoming year?”

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