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3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Paid Social Media Campaigns

Using paid social media advertising is a great way for inbound marketers to target specific audiences and expand the reach of their content. A whopping 97 percent of businesses worldwide are taking advantage of social media marketing and if you haven’t yet, you may be missing out on a giant opportunity.

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics - What to Look At

Savvy marketers include LinkedIn in their social marketing strategy for good reason: As of February 2015, the platform boasted 347 million users in over 200 countries and attracted two new members every second. But many businesses aren't sure how to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on this important social channel. Fortunately, LinkedIn has a powerful analytics tool that can help you evaluate how well your Company page is performing and identify ways to improve the return on your campaign investment.

A Look at Why B2Bs Can’t Ignore LinkedIn in 2014

LinkedIn kind of became a big deal in the world of B2B marketing last year. While the numbers were certainly impressive (and I will get to those in a little bit), just the way that customers and prospects were talking about LinkedIn made it clear to me that it has been coming into its own as a marketing channel. People would call in out of the blue and want to talk about it, and while they did not all have a good idea of what could be done on LinkedIn to help generate prospects, they certainly knew that it could be used to attract them. Let’s take a look at just how LinkedIn marketing grew in 2013 and why you can’t ignore it in 2014.

LinkedIn for Marketing: A Great Option For Those Looking for Fresh Leads

There are over 200 million members on the LinkedIn professional social network, and almost every member is associated with their past or current employers. On average, each individual has listed at least two past positions and a current position, connecting him or her to a minimum of three company networks.  By displaying yourself as an employee of your company, you are also helping your company’s brand grow as well. The best thing a company can do on LinkedIn is create a company page, and actually maintain it. The latter is the important aspect of having a LinkedIn company page. There are several things you can do to make the most use out of using LinkedIn for marketing for your business:

LinkedIn Ads Open Doors to Attract Real, Potential Leads

Not having any luck with Google Adwords when it comes to attracting leads to your company? What your business may need is to re-route that budget and direct it to social media lead generation through LinkedIn ads. Did you know there are over 200 million LinkedIn members worldwide on LinkedIn? And of these members, about 21 million of them are either business decision makers, small business owners, high tech managers, or corporate executives. There is a lot of potential to attract new and relevant leads through LinkedIn ads, rather than through other ad strategies.

How Social Media Marketing can Boost your Business

Social media is the new face of your business. You’ll find that customers will resort to social media when they have something to say about a particular business. They will find your business profile on any social network, and not hold back on anything they wish to say. Taking control, and showcasing your brand through social media will not only benefit your business, but will also help you connect with your customers on a personal level.

LinkedIn for Business: Why This is the Year To Embrace It

Almost immediately following the start of the New Year, LinkedIn hit a pretty major milestone: it reached 200 million members. While its growth hasn't been as exponential as Twitter or Pinterest, LinkedIn’s popularity has seen rising over the past few years, and practically no one is anticipating that it will stop any time soon. When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn has become the clear choice of among the various social media channels. It provides detailed information about a business and allows companies to easily connect with one another. Should you currently not be using LinkedIn for business, or if you haven’t been using it as well as you can be, then 2013 should be the year that you fully embrace the “grown up” social network.

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Business

Are you getting started with LinkedIn marketing this year? If so, then it is important that you develop a solid strategy before you get started. LinkedIn isn’t just about building up the number of you connections you have and making status updates. It is a way to help define your brand and get in touch with other businesses that will help you to grow. As there can be quite a bit involved with LinkedIn marketing, we thought it a good idea to come up with a list of things that you should consider when developing this year’s strategy.

How Facebook’s Graph Search Impacts Social Media Marketing

Last Tuesday we saw the biggest announcement to come from Facebook since Timeline, perhaps even bigger. With Graph Search, Facebook has made it extremely easy find information on its site, be it pictures, friends, or places. More than that, Graph Search puts Facebook in direct competition with sites like Yelp, acting as a social way in which to find businesses. If you want to find a place to eat, all you need to do is input “local restaurants my friends like” and suddenly there will be a list of you restaurants near you that have been “liked” by your connections. The implications of Graph Search are huge and will radically define Facebook marketing. In order to help you prepare, here is what Graph Search means for Facebook marketing.

B2B Tips for LinkedIn Marketing

In some ways, LinkedIn isn’t nearly as intuitive as other social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter. There are a great many more tools to use on LinkedIn and more ways to connect with other businesses. Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to come up with a list of tips to help you expand your reach with LinkedIn marketing and bring in more leads.

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