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How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Using SEO

More small businesses have joined the social media marketing game—and Facebook has noticed. Today, this social media giant—once associated with personal content—has blurred the lines between “social” and “search.” Popular search engines like Google and Bing now consider Facebook content in their SEO rankings.

Starting the Social Conversation About Your Brand

Do you ever feel like you are talking to a wall? It’s important for companies to get the word out about their brand in order to both retain and attract business. Social media marketing allows you to start a conversation about your brand with your clients or consumers. Why social media? Consumers are not thumbing through newspapers and looking at advertising, which is one of the reasons so many publications are shutting their doors. Companies must go where consumers are. Your consumer or client is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites.

From Hoodie Wearing Geek to Billionaire – The Zuckerberg Method of Using Social Media to Drive Sales

Every business, small or not, has watched Facebook’s IPO with envy and awe. If a college kid tinkering with social media can build a business worth nearly $4 billion, then how hard can it be? If your company is hoping to drive sales by following the Facebook model, here are some points to consider:

Is Social Media Marketing Working for Your Business?

Most social media marketing strategists agree that there is no one, surefire framework to measure social media success. For small- to mid-sized businesses, though, social media has improved how companies can carve out space in an extremely crowded marketplace.

How To Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

Touted the “Year of Social Media,” 2012 has seen a surge in online networking platforms. Facebook will soon reach 1 billion users and experts believe that social media will play an unprecedented role in the presidential election.

Planes, Trains, and Social Media: How Travel-Related Social Media Can Enhance Your Business

It’s that time of year again for travel brands. With spring in bloom and summer fast approaching, vacation season is upon us. While travelers escape the daily grind, tech-driven devices—like smartphones, tablets, and laptops—work overtime on vacation.

The Facebook Timeline Feature: What it Means for Businesses

The Facebook Timeline, introduced a few months ago for personal users, has now made its way to Facebook fan pages and business profiles. Not everyone is happy about this…In fact, we’ve been hearing from business owners who are nervous about the change and are hoping that the timeline won’t alienate their current fans and visitors. Let us help put those concerns to rest.

Launching a Facebook Marketing Campaign: Three Steps

Social media is here to stay, it’s real, and it represents a powerful launch point for multi-faceting marketing campaigns of all kinds. If you still think Facebook is a passing fad, feel free to let go of the hundreds of fans that can be reached through a single status update, and feel free to pass up daily opportunities to launch simple, cost-effective campaigns that have the potential to go viral and circle globe in minutes.

Does Your Company Need a Social Media Policy?

At the dawn of 2012, social media has become a powerful, recognized force, transforming the landscape of our culture, our economy and our workplaces. Experts who dismiss the social media phenomenon as a passing fad are now fewer and farther between, and most marketing professionals have come to acknowledge social media sites as excellent platforms for outreach, data collection, brand identification, and even staffing and other HR initiatives.

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