The Impact of Twitter’s 10,000-Character Tweets for Marketers

February 2, 2016 Andy Beohar


News that Twitter would increase its character limit from 140 to 10,000 has rocked the social media world as of late. For years, users have condensed ideas into this shortened format, but now users (and especially marketers) are wondering what the increased limit will mean for the platform.

Long-time tweeters are concerned that these changes will make the platform too closely resemble Facebook’s, but for savvy marketers, there are plenty of opportunities to use longer tweets to your advantage. Below, we dive into some of the proposed changes and provide expert Twitter marketing tips to help marketers take full advantage of them.

More Branding Opportunities

While the ability to insert images into tweets can help grab eyes and keep content fresh, it also digs into your character count. Plus, if you include a URL in your tweet (which you should) Twitter only gives you 117 characters. With the new changes, users won’t have to sacrifice content for space.

For marketers: Imagine being able to fit in your text content, URLs, appropriate hashtags, and an image to cap it all off—without compromising. With an increased character limit, you’ll be able to display your brand marketing in more creative and compelling ways you’ve, allowing users even more opportunity to see the value in your business.

Longer Format, Condensed Display

While users will be able to publish much longer content, Twitter wants to retain the integrity of the traditional user experience so feeds will still look the same. Users will need to click to expand content that is longer than 140 characters.

For marketers: You have 140 characters to draw them in, and a lot more space to give them a reason to stay. Even so, keep things short and to-the-point; users are still looking for quick and compelling content. Maintain the same voice you’ve had in the shorter format.

Searchable Content

CEO Jack Dorsey found that a growing number of users were posting images of text to say everything they wanted to get across in one tweet (like addressing corporate personnel changes). Changing to the longer format is designed as a way to make this content searchable and more visible.

For marketers: While you may need to develop a more targeted plan for the right keyword and hashtag use, more searchable content is only more of an opportunity for users to find you.

Easier User Engagement

Longer content means it's easier to engage other users in dialogue. Rather than responding to someone with a series of tweets, users will now have the ability to say everything they need to in one reply.

For marketers: You don’t always have to send someone to your DMs, or find ways to connect offline when responding to user comments. Plus, engaging in more depth with industry leaders means potential customers will see you as a valid resource for information. Keep in mind there will always be some issues better handled in less private formats.

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