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Google Adwords is a program sponsored by Google that allows business owners to place short, text-based ads for their sites in the margin area next to Google search engine results. The Adwords program can help you use the most popular search engine in the world to gain visibility for your site.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

If you’d like to start using Adwords to advance your business, you’ll need to choose a set of keywords that will make your ad appear when users enter these words into the Google search bar. Whenever your chosen keywords are relevant to a search, users will see your ad next to their search results and may decide to click on it. The click may take them back to your site or to any other destination you choose, and only when users click on your ad will you actually pay anything. The amount you pay will be based on the keywords you chose.

How can I control what I pay? I mean, what if I choose a popular keyword and the high number of clicks exceed my budget?

You set a limit beforehand on the amount you’re willing to spend. And again, you can choose among popular, expensive keywords or less popular, more affordable keywords that may still have relevance to your site. And you only pay for clicks—You don’t pay anything if your ad simply appears on the screen.

What are the benefits of Google Adwords?

In a word, visibility. Almost everyone who visits the internet uses search engines, and Google is the most popular search engine with access to the highest volume of indexed content in the world. Google Adwords can provide an easy, affordable way to increase traffic and attention for your site.

Where can I find a list of keywords and prices?

Visit the Google Keyword Search Tool and enter your intended keyword or words in the search bar. You’ll see results that will show the relative popularity and cost of that word and several similar words and phrases.


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