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HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales event, INBOUND 2018 is over. But attendees and others who use HubSpot tools are still talking about some of the big announcements HubSpot made this year. Below, we’ll cover what new features HubSpot announced and how they can benefit your SaaS inbound marketing.

HubSpot New Feature – Integrated Video

Perhaps the biggest announcement at the event was the introduction of integrated video. HubSpot’s video hosting, creation, and management tools are making it easier for brands to take advantage of powerful video content across their marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Using HubSpot, brands can build stronger customer relationships by delivering actionable, personalized video content to their leads and customers that’s optimized for SEO.

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With these new video capabilities, HubSpot users can host and manage their video content within the platform, and with just the click of a button, they can then embed their videos on website pages, blog posts, and social media content. The platform also makes it easy to create and insert CTAs or forms into video content, allowing brands to capture lead information and trigger video workflows. HubSpot’s video analytics provide actionable insights that help businesses better understand what type of content resonates with their target audiences.

This new feature is important for SaaS companies because brands in this space often use video content to demonstrate their offerings. In addition to SaaS marketing demo videos, many companies also use explainer videos on their homepage or other site pages. Being able to easily track video performance is also a game-changer for SaaS inbound marketing as it allows companies to clearly measure return on investment while making smarter decisions about future video content.

HubSpot New Feature – Email Limits

HubSpot also announced new email send protection options. With this feature, your business can now set limits on the number of emails you send contacts. These safeguards help you avoid sending too many emails to your leads and customers within a certain time period. When you do have a high-priority message to send, you can easily override the safeguards you’ve put into place to ensure that contacts are seeing your important message.

Though email marketing is effective, it can become intrusive or unproductive if your team is sending too many SaaS marketing emails to your entire email list. Though you can make an effort to limit the number of emails you send to your entire contact list (like promotional emails or newsletters), it becomes more difficult to monitor the number of emails you are sending to contacts when you are also running email drip campaigns. The new email limit feature from HubSpot ensures that no matter how many email messages you may develop, you won’t be over-emailing your contacts, which can cause them to unsubscribe.

This new feature is ideal for SaaS inbound marketing because these types of companies often use automated email drip campaigns for demos while also sending out newsletters and other email blasts to their entire contact list. With these email send protections in place, you can make sure that your SaaS marketing team isn’t over-emailing your contacts.

HubSpot New Feature – Native Slack Integration

The HubSpot team was also excited to announce the much-anticipated integration with Slack. Now, HubSpot users can get tasks, notifications, and slash commands directly within the Slack digital workspace. This makes it easier for teams to keep working without switching between two tools, helping boost productivity and save time.

In addition to staying connected through HubSpot CRM notifications, the native Slack integration allows users to turn Slack conversations into HubSpot tasks. Right within the conversation, the user can quickly create a task and associate it with a contact, company, or deal in HubSpot. Slash commands also make working between the two platforms easier. Users can now utilize slash commands to search for and share HubSpot contacts directly in the chat pane.

The HubSpot Slack integration is great news for SaaS organizations that use Slack. Slack is a natural fit for SaaS brands, especially those who have dispersed teams or remote workers. The newly announced native Slack integration makes SaaS inbound marketing easier by allowing businesses to track and collaborate on HubSpot related items without leaving the Slack application.

HubSpot New Feature – Playbooks

Yet another new feature that HubSpot announced during INBOUND 2018 that is changing the SaaS marketing game is the Sales Playbook tool. Playbooks allow you to provide the right sales collateral to your team to help them guide prospects through the funnel to lead them toward purchasing. With this feature, you can build all kinds of sales enablement content right on the HubSpot platform for your sales team to utilize when and where they need it.


For instance, you can develop call scripts, product sheets, pricing guidelines, and battle cards that prepare your sales team to address any question that a lead might have during their buyer’s journey. Rather than searching through a shared drive or saving the documents to their device, sales professionals only need to open up the Playbooks in HubSpot to access the content they need.

When it comes to SaaS inbound marketing, the new Playbook features make it easy for your SaaS sales teams to host quick live demos. You can develop effective scripts and lists of FAQs to provide to new sales staff to help them get up-to-speed quickly and efficiently. Your customer service team can also use the Playbook feature to more effectively address customer issues and concerns.

SaaS Marketing With HubSpot 

The new features that HubSpot has launched this year can help you take your SaaS marketing to a whole new level. Now, you can work more effectively and efficiently within HubSpot while improving communication and collaboration between team members across departments. If you are not sure how to implement these features or don’t think you are using HubSpot to its full potential, working with a HubSpot partner agency can help you get more out of the platform.

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