What Makes an Actionable Web Content Strategy?

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actionable web content strategyVery often, businesses are so concerned about expanding their presence on the web that they forget what the point of having an online strategy is: to make money. This leads to a whole lot of content that doesn’t really do anything but sit there collecting views that don’t turn into anything. The purpose of a web content strategy is to create conversions. If you find that you aren’t seeing these conversions from your strategy, you should take a look to see if you have actionable content.

The Call to Action

Here is a nightmare situation for a marketer. Someone is reading a business blog. They like the content and they like are interested in what business is selling, but come the end of the article, they don’t know what to do. They don’t see any link that takes them to a place to buy, or even instructions on where to find the product. Not knowing what to do, the potential customer just leaves the site.

All content needs a call-to-action at the end to persuade the reader to engage with the brand more. Whether this is a question that is posed on Facebook, asking Twitter followers to Retweet, or a blog providing the link to an online store, there needs to be something that asks the reader to continue his or her relationship with your brand.

The Sales Funnel

With appropriate calls-to-action in place, your inbound marketing strategy acts as a sales funnel. Potential customers are encouraged to visit you blog by seeing a post about it on your Facebook page. While at the blog they read several articles and begin to appreciate you brand. From there they are referred to your contact page or online shop, where they can finally become customers. Your web content strategy should always have this in mind: leading people through your various online channels to a place where they can become conversions.

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Andy Beohar

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