Why Choose Social Media?

Social media marketing, what does that even mean?

It means new business.  When you market, you find your target audience and you gear everything towards them.  With social marketing, your target audience might just forward your blogs to someone that is off your beaten path.

Possibly when you think of Facebook, you think of a mass of people doing online farming – which is true, but there’s another side of sites like Facebook.  While the vegetables are growing at their farms, people get updates from any friend or business that they’ve ‘liked’.  By doing so, this gives your business an opportunity to be interactive with their clients and potential customers.

Do you have a small business that only your friends and family have heard of?  By creating a blog and business page this can allow your friends and family to have something to forward to their friends.  Before you know it, by the law of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, everyone will know about your company – especially if you know how to utilize the different sites like Digg or Reddit.

By creating social media, you create links to your website.  Links are important because they help your search engine ratings.  Who wants to be on page one of Google?  Pretty much everyone does.  It takes time and research to make sure that your social media is current yet engaging to your audience.  The time is well spent because  the rewards can be immense.  Not only does it give you an easy way to stay in touch with your clients, but it gives them a unique and easy option to give you customer feedback.  If you’ve got good feedback all over your pages, you can bet someone else will be more willing to check you out.

A great example of how media can cause quite an excitement is how Old Spice recently had their “Old Spice Man” create instant commercials based on responses from their social media sites.  I have never considered buying Old Spice, but if it would help create another day of hilarious commercials I would run to the store right now!

So what are some quick benefits?  It’s easy for your clients to find you, recommend you to friends, and tell everyone how great your product or service is.  If you’re interested in Social Media Marketing, please contact us and we’ll help set up a personalized plan to help your small business succeed.


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