Why You Need a HubSpot Partner That is Also an AdWords Agency

HubSpot Partner That is Also an AdWords Agency

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HubSpot Partner- AdWords agency222.jpegIn the past, many marketers using HubSpot considered inbound marketing and Google AdWords to be two different tactics with very little connection. Now, that mindset is starting to change. In this post, we’ll cover how the two work together and how your brand can benefit from a HubSpot partner that is also an AdWords agency.

How Inbound Marketing and Google AdWords Work Together

The idea that inbound marketing and Google AdWords can’t work together comes from the understanding that AdWords is strictly an outbound marketing tactic, which has recently been shown to be a myth. Yet, still many marketers believe that they can only focus on one or the other. The truth is, Google AdWords should be an intrinsic part of your inbound marketing efforts. While inbound marketing works over time to help you build brand recognition and develop valuable relationships with consumers, AdWords has the ability to help you see significant results from its very inception.

AdWords is designed to help showcase your content to those who are searching for relevant information on Google. Whether they are looking up a question or just searching for a little more information, search engine users are served Google ads based on their inquiries at the top of the search engine results page. These ads are aimed at providing a better user experience for the search engine user by offering them further content that is relevant to their interests.

Brands can use Google AdWords to help amplify their content in addition to other inbound marketing efforts. For instance, let’s say that you have a new content asset, like an ebook or whitepaper. You want to promote this piece of content to a wide audience in order to get the word out or just gauge interest. Though you are able to use inbound marketing tactics like social media posts or email marketing to promote this content, these channels only let you reach consumers who are already familiar with your brand. Optimized Google AdWords campaigns allow you to target the rest of your ideal audience by reaching out to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. 

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Google AdWords can also help you fill in the gaps in your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is certainly a worthwhile endeavor and a vital focus for any brand who wants to compete in the modern online marketplace. However, SEO takes time to work its magic. Companies have to consistently create quality content that emphasizes important keywords and promote this content widely in order to improve their search engine results page (SERP) rankings. For brands that need to see results more quickly, AdWords can help your content quickly rank high on the SERP when an individual performs a search that is relevant to your offering. Using AdWords to boost your SEO is a great tactic for new brands who have just started to create SEO-focused content and are waiting to witness the results. It can also be used to help brands jumpstart new campaigns that may be targeting new keywords or audiences.

Not only does AdWords help you reach a wider audience, but it also helps you connect with more qualified leads as you can use the targeting features to specify which audience you would like to serve ad content to. For instance, if you are a business that operates locally in Texas, you may not want to serve ad content to those living outside of your service area. AdWords allows you to specify that the ad only be served to those living within a certain radius of your business. This ability to serve targeted content creates a better search experience for the user while also bringing in leads that are more likely to convert to paying customers.

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Yet another benefit of using Google AdWords campaigns as part of your inbound marketing efforts is that AdWords is great for helping test assets like landing pages. Testing your landing pages using Google AdWords allows your brand to optimize your marketing content for better results. For example, you can create paid AdWords search campaigns to target keywords that you would like to rank for organically via SEO efforts. Then, you can direct these paid ads to landing pages and offers that you are testing. After a little time has passed, you will have a wealth of data that allows you to determine how many impressions the keywords get, how relevant your offering is to those keywords, and how well the copy aligns with those who are searching for the established keywords. Based on this data, you can take action by adjusting your campaigns to improve conversions.

HubSpot Partner, AdWords agency 3.pngClearly, a marketer’s understanding of the relationship between Google AdWords and inbound marketing processes has changed. As a result, HubSpot has made some changes to its platform to account for this integration. HubSpot now offers an Ads Add-On, which incorporates AdWords within its platform. Marketers can now track the ROI of their AdWords campaigns automatically from their HubSpot dashboard along with the results of their other inbound marketing campaigns.

Why You Need a HubSpot Partner that is an AdWords Agency

Google AdWords is a complicated platform. Several aspects of this platform, such as Keywords, Bid Management, AdWords Copy Development, Ad Copy Testing, Shopping/Display, and Retargeting Ads, need to be optimized if brands want to develop successful campaigns and get the most out of their marketing spend. This complexity makes it important for businesses to partner with an agency who has a significant amount of knowledge and experience working developing effective Google AdWords campaigns.

On the other hand, inbound marketing also plays a vital role in your overall marketing efforts. It’s not enough to just have effective PPC ads. If the ads lead to content that was not written with your target buyer personas in mind, then your visitors will not convert, resulting in an ineffective marketing campaign overall. If you want to get the most out of your inbound marketing and AdWords campaigns then you need to ensure that your strategy integrates both to work together for best results.

Most HubSpot partners have very little experience with Google AdWords campaigns as they tend to specialize in inbound marketing tactics. While only a handful of AdWords agencies have experience with HubSpot and inbound marketing strategy and implementation. By working with a HubSpot partner that is also an AdWords agency, your business will start seeing campaign results much sooner by benefiting from the integration of AdWords campaigns into your inbound marketing processes.

All your paid Google AdWords campaigns can be optimized and tracked right from the HubSpot marketing platform. However, if you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to work with an agency that knows how to properly promote content using the inbound marketing methodology and is experienced in creating a cohesive marketing strategy that integrates both Google AdWords and inbound marketing tactics. 

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Don’t settle for one or the other. Find an agency that is experienced in both platforms. Make sure that they understand the complexities of Google AdWords, and ask about how they successfully manage campaigns that incorporate both paid and inbound marketing tactics.

Final Takeaways

Ultimately, when it comes to your marketing strategy, integrating Google AdWords into your inbound marketing campaigns can help you see the best results. Working with a HubSpot partner that is also an AdWords agency helps ensure that you are getting the most out of both your inbound marketing campaigns and your AdWords efforts, thus optimizing your total marketing budget.

The team at SevenAtoms would love to help you discover the power of partnering with an agency that knows the ins and outs of both HubSpot inbound marketing and Google AdWords. If you are interested in learning more about how you can use both AdWords and inbound marketing tactics to achieve your business goals, request a FREE consultation today.


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