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If you are developing and implementing your own Google AdWords campaigns, then you may already be familiar with the tool that every PPC agency is using to work on their campaigns – AdWords Editor. This powerful tool allows you to download your AdWords account so that you can work on your campaigns offline, helping you save time and hassle by making bulk changes and double-checking your work along the way.

The latest version of this tool, Google AdWords Editor 12 offers even more great features to help you effectively implement your campaigns. Below, we’ll offer some time-saving tips for getting the most out of this PPC game-changer.

Google Adwords Editor Tip 1 – Use Multi-Select feature to select and edit multiple campaigns.

When it comes to reducing the time it takes to make changes to your ad campaigns, the Multi-Select feature in the AdWords Editor will be your best friend. With multi-select, you can choose multiple ad groups at once that you need to make changes to. In the older version of Google’s Editor, you had to choose the ad groups one by one to make changes, but this new feature helps you save a little time when making bulk changes.

Google Adwords Editor Tip - Use Multi-Select feature

For example, let’s say that you want to edit Ad group bids for 5 of your 15 ad campaigns. You can use the Multi-Select feature to select these 5 campaigns to make your bid changes. To do this, hit Control + Click on PC and Command + Click on Mac as you select the 5 ad campaigns. Then, you can click on Ad Groups to view those that you have selected. Now, you can make changes to these specific elements of your ad groups without impacting other elements.

Google Adwords Editor Tip 2 – Save time by editing multiple accounts at once.

In addition to selecting multiple ad groups at once, you can also edit multiple accounts at the same time with the new version of AdWords Editor. In the previous version of the Editor, you couldn’t look at multiple accounts side-by-side. However, with the latest version, you can save time by copying campaigns or settings to other accounts and viewing these campaigns side-by-side in separate windows.

This new feature makes it much easier for marketers to find discrepancies between the ads and avoid making costly mistakes. It also allows you to edit one account while you are downloading or posting changes to another. Overall, this time-saving feature can help you more effectively and efficiently make changes to different elements of your Google AdWords campaigns.

Google Adwords Editor Tip 3 – Custom Rules help you make sure you’re following best practices.

With the latest version of Google AdWords Editor, you now have the ability to create your own custom rules for ads. This feature comes in handy by helping you make sure that you’re sticking to Google’s best practices for ad campaigns. If you have used the AdWords Editor in the past, then you are probably familiar with the notorious yellow triangle that pops up to warn you that your campaign has violated one of Google’s best practices.

With Google AdWords Editor 12, you can now create custom ad rules that notify you of which elements of your account are not meeting the criteria that you have set forth. For example, Google suggests that search ads should contain four or more sitelinks. You can set a custom rule to make sure that your ads follow this best practice. Once you’ve created the rule, the Editor will notify you of any ad campaigns or groups that aren’t following this custom rule.

This feature can be helpful if you are running a large and complex account that needs multiple changes or you are making bulk edits to ad campaigns.

Google Adwords Editor Tip - Custom Rules

To create your custom rule, use the dropdown menu on the left side of the platform and click on the “Add Custom Rule” button. Then, you can enter a name for your rule and which text to display when a campaign or ad group violates the rule. Once you have done this, you can start building a filter that will help find violations for this rule. The filter can be as specific as you’d like it to be.

Once this filter is in place, you will be able to see when any campaigns or ad groups in your account violate the rule by looking at the Custom Rules panel. In addition, you can use the filter option at the top of the Editor to choose a specific rule, which will allow you to see the account elements that violate the rule that you’ve chosen. This feature helps you make quick and effective edits to your different account elements and ensures that you’re following best practices for maximum ROI on your Google AdWords campaigns.

Google Adwords Editor Tip 4 – Use Replace Text and Append Text to make quick changes.

Two of the most powerful features that Google AdWords Editor 12 provides are the Replace Text and Append Text capabilities. With Replace Text, you can easily replace words or phrases in old ads when making bulk updates. For instance, if you were running an ad campaign that offered 10% off and now you are offering 20% off, you can use the Replace Text feature to find and replace the “10%” in your ads with “20%.” You can even keep the old ad content by checking “Make Changes in Duplicate Items,” which will make new duplicates of the add with your new offer.

Google Adwords Editor Tip  - Use Replace Text and Append Text
Google Adwords Editor Tip  - Advanced Change

The Append Text option is located next to Replace Text, and it lets you add text before or after any part of an ad, keyword, or ad group. This feature can be helpful when you want to create more localized ads. You can use this feature to add city names to the front of keywords to help you reach more local buyers. For example, you might add the word “Phoenix” in front of the keyword “plumbing services” to reach consumers in the local area.

Overall, the latest version of the AdWords editor can help you save time and avoid mistakes while making changes to your campaigns and ad groups. If you are ready to get started with Google AdWords Editor 12, you can download it here.

No matter how convenient this tool is, it can only help you if you already have a solid understanding of how to develop and implement successful Google AdWords campaigns. If you are new to AdWords or don’t have an in-house team dedicated to your campaigns, it may be time to partner with a Google AdWords agency. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get better results with your AdWords campaigns. 

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