Will the new Google Buy Button Revolutionize Mobile Ecommerce?

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Google Buy Button, Mobile EcommerceGoogle recently confirmed that it plans to launch a “Buy Button” for mobile devices. This new technology is currently in the testing phase, but it is sure to change the ecommerce landscape dramatically when it is finally released into the market.

Why Was it Developed?

It’s no secret that mobile devices have been increasing in popularity. In fact, according to Smart Insights, adults now spend more time using their mobile devices than they do using laptops and desktop computers combined. However, mobile sales are still lagging behind. Even though as much as 60 percent of retail browsing involves a mobile device, mobile devices account for a meager 15 percent of sales.

One of the reasons for this disparity is related to the limitations of shopping on a mobile phone. Before they can make an online retail purchase, consumers must first input all of their payment information using a small screen and an even smaller keyboard. The Google Buy Button eliminates this problem by allowing consumers to make a purchase with a single click

How Will it Affect Ecommerce?

Although some retailers are worried that Google is launching this product in an attempt to steal away business, Google’s representatives have maintained that this is not the case. Rather than intercepting potential customers, Google intends to use its Buy Button to help other retailers reach mobile users more effectively.

Once the Google Buy Button is launched, making retail purchases using mobile devices will be easier than ever before. As more consumers adopt this new technology, it is likely that mobile sales will climb quickly. Eventually, the percentage of online retail purchases made on mobile devices may even exceed the percentage of sales made on desktops and laptops.

Preparing for the Buy Button

As ecommerce retailers anticipate the launch of the Google Buy Button, they should take steps to ensure that their mobile marketing strategies are ready for this new development.

To get ready for the Buy Button you should:

  • Strengthen your PPC mobile marketing strategy.When the Buy Button becomes available, retailers everywhere will pour more money into PPC mobile marketing. Get ahead of the game by working on your strategy now.
  • Be ready to work with Google. Google’s representatives say that retailers will be able to brand pages where purchases will take place. They will also be able to provide consumers with options to sign up for emails or enroll in loyalty programs.
  • Start practicing with other platforms.Some platforms, such as Pinterest, already offer a “buy now” feature. Expand your marketing focus to include these platforms and practice with this technology before the Google Buy Button is released.

If you need help in deploying the Google Buy Button on your E-commerce site or optimizing your ecommerce strategy for mobile devices, contact us today for a free consultation.


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Andy Beohar

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